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Merry Christmas To All !!!


Jan spent the morning making her world-famous Sausage Balls  and Green Bean Casserole for tomorrow’s big Christmas Dinner at Brandi’s.

Then about 3pm we headed up to the Clear Lake area, first for a quick stop at my client’s for a little bit to set up a system image backup on the Main Office computer. I’ll start it up remotely later tonight.

Then it was on to King Food for our big annual Christmas Eve dinner there. We’ve done this most every year for many years, except for last year when we were gate guarding in south Texas.

King Food Christmas Eve 2017

And this year we had some new family members from Lowell’s side of the family.

From left to right – Jan, Sonja and Lendel, who are Lowell’s parents, Sherry, who is Lowell’s sister, and Zander, Grace, and Zoe. Grace is Sherry’s daughter, with Zander and Zoe her children. Next up is our son Chis, Piper, our grand-daughter, and Brandi and Lowell.

After a really great time as well as a fantastic meal, we all headed down to La Marque to visit the Houston Magical Winter Lights.

Houston Magical Winter Lights 1

Houston Magical Winter Lights 2

I’ll have more about this tomorrow.

The Headline of the Day:
   Bees attack cops in sting gone wrong.

Thought for the Day:

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. – Romans 1:22-32 


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