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Family Traditions . . .

Christmas Wreath

First off, Jan and I want thank everyone for their many Christmas Wishes. We hope ya’ll had a really nice Christmas and have a great New Year!

Finishing up last night’s visit to the Houston Magical Winter Light’s, we got here about 6pm and found it even more amazing close up, starting off with these two lovely ladies.

Houston Magical Winter Lights Brandi and Piper

The whole area is made of these ‘set’ pieces, with many different themes.

Houston Magical Winter Lights 3Houston Magical Winter Lights 4Houston Magical Winter Lights 5Houston Magical Winter Lights 6

Jan especially liked the dinosaurs which are about 50 feet tall,

Houston Magical Winter Lights 7

as well as this Chinese dragon.

Houston Magical Winter Lights 9

Houston Magical Winter Lights 10

The detail on these is just fantastic.

The lights and decorations here are really something, and well worth a visit. Besides the lights they have a complete carnival ride area for the kids.

It’s open through January 2nd.

The only suggestion I could make is that it would be nice if they scattered more benches around other than in the ride area. Us old folks would appreciate it.

This morning we were on the road about 9:15 heading up to Katy and Brandi and Lowell’s.

Brandi has two trees, this smaller one at the front door,

Brandi Christmas Tree  2017 1

and this larger one in the livingroom. Somehow I forgot to turn on the lights before I got the photo.

Brandi Christmas Tree  2017 2

The cute redheads are Zoe and Zander, Lowell’s niece and nephew, who are here with their mother Grace from San Diego. The cute blonde, of course, is Miss Piper.

Zoe Zander and Piper

Landon’s showing off his Magformers with a heart he made, kind of like large Legos, but they’re magnetic.

Landon Magformers

The Christmas dinner spread was as delicious as usual, and bountiful enough that there was plenty for everyone to take home.

Brandi Christmas Dinner 2017

This was Landon’s big gift, a Nuvison 10 Duo Draw.

Landon's New Laptop

It’s a 10” Windows 10 laptop with a touchscreen that you can drawing on with a stylus. Plus the screen detaches for use as a tablet just like the Microsoft Surface Pro. Brandi got a really great deal on it from Costco.

I ended up bringing it home with me to finish setting up. Since it was several months old, it’s got hours of updates to download and then finished setting up.  Landon was OK with it since he has so much other stuff.

Tomorrow’s going to be a nice stay at home recuperation day, that we’re really looking forward. Then it’s back to work on Wednesday.

The Word of the Day is:  Vespertine

Thought for the Day:

“The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. – Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius (AD 121-180)


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