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Catching Up . . .

Coming home from the TSO concert on Thursday night we had no more overheating problems, probably because it was a lot cooler and we weren’t sitting still in traffic.

But when we stopped at the Longhorn Steakhouse I could smell antifreeze over the hot engine, so I’ve got a leak somewhere that I’ll have to check out.

Dinner at Longhorn was great, the perfect end to a nice day that started off so rocky. We both started off with salads, Jan with her standard salad,

Longhorn Salad 3

while I got the Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese and Bacon. But while most wedge salads are made with a ‘wedge’ of iceberg lettuce, Longhorn’s is made from stalks of romaine lettuce.

Longhorn Wedge Salad

Really good and crunchy.

Jan always gets the New York Strip which Longhorn does perfectly for her, somewhere between Med-Well and Medium, pink with no juice.

Longhorn New York Strip Katy

I of course always get the Ribeye, Med-Rare, and again done perfectly.

Longhorn Ribeye Webster

Afterwards we spent about an hour just stilling and talking about the concert, before getting home a little before 10pm.

Now on to Friday.

Heading in to work I had planned to get gas at the HEB but it looked pretty busy, so I decided to wait until I was on my way home, a plus since it was also on the right side.

Bad decision! Costly decision!

When I passed the station in the morning, gas was $1.93. but coming home it had jumped to $2.05, a 12¢ Christmas present to holiday travelers. Ho! Ho! Ho!

I spent most of the day at work going through the paper catalog page by page, making corrections, deleting products, and rearranging products.But with130 pages it’s going to take a while.

Getting home about 4:30, Jan and I turned around pretty quickly and headed back out, over to Stomp’s Burger Joint on 146 in Bacliff to meet up with Wil and Cyndy Olsen. When they’re not waiting on their truck to be reassembled, they work with Adventure Caravan’s, guiding RV tours around the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Stomp's Wil and Cyndy

We had originally planned to also be meeting up with Jan and Dale Thompson there, but Jan hurt her back a couple of weeks ago, so this time it was just us four.

We started off with an order of Texas Rattlesnake Eggs. We had fun telling Cyndy that this was Texas so of course they had real rattlesnake in them.

Stomp's Rattlesnake Eggs

But they’re really a big ball of cream cheese mixed with bacon and jalapenos, and then battered and fried.

Wil and I both had the Hog Wild Burger, the one with raw bacon ground into the patty.

Stomp's Hog Wild Single Burger

I did drop back to the single patty version, with only 8oz. of Angus Beef,  instead of the 1# version with two patties that I’ve gotten before. I told Jan afterwards that this time I was just pleasantly full, rather than the painfully full as before.

Cyndy got the smaller Cheeseburger, while Jan got her usual Outlaw Burger with a little bit of everything.

Stomp's Outlaw Burger

Hopefully we’ll be able to get together with both Jan and Dale and Wil and Cyndy before they leave.

This morning, Saturday, was a nice quiet one before we headed out about 1:30. Our first stop was our son Chris to pickup our mail and a few other things. Then it was on to the nearby Kroger to get  supplies for the Christmas dishes that Jan’s making for our Christmas Day family get-together. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

It seemed like almost everything in the store was discounted with our Kroger card because we bought $104 worth of groceries but only paid $87 because we saved $17 with the card. Nice

Finally heading back toward Santa Fe, we stopped off and Pho 20 for a light linner of salads and a couple of appetizers. Delicious as always.

I know I promised more about TSO, but I’ll catch up with that at a later time.

The Headline of the Day:  Amazon realizes DIY circumcision kit might be a bad idea. 

Thought for the Day:

Hard work pays off in the future; laziness pays off now. 


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