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Have You Seen Enough . . .

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Today was pretty much an errand day, with lunch to start it off.

And that lunch was at one of our favorites, King Food. But we had a secondary reason and that was to let them know that we’ll be coming there Sunday, Christmas Eve, with a group of 15 or so family members. We’ll be eating at 4:30 so we can head down to the Houston Magical Lights in La Marque.

Then it was over to my client’s office to drop off some mail in the outgoing box and set up a system image backup on one of the machines. I’ll start it from home later tonight so it will be done tomorrow morning.

Next up was the Supercuts right down the street for Jan to get her hair cut. I was glad to see she had a smile on her face when she came out. That mean she was happy with it. Sometimes she’s not and I can tell by her look.

After that it was quick stop by our son Chris’ for our mail, and then it was over to the Lego Store in Baybrook Mall to buy a Lego motor repair tool. Or at least the parts to make one. Brandi gave me Landon’s Lego motor to repair this past Sunday so I wanted to get it fixed before Christmas.

Lego Motor

It has a broken wire where the power cable enters the motor housing. It looked to be easy to fix . . .if I could get the motor apart. So I went to the ultimate resource – Google. And I found a number of videos illustrating just the type of repair that I needed.

But . . . there’s always a ‘but’, right? But all the videos used other Lego parts to get the motor apart.

Lego Motor Repair Tool

They use a gear with 3 axles to press into the motor housing which releases the internal tabs and lets the motor case come apart. So I figured the Lego store would have the gear and the axles that I needed.

But turns out they didn’t have them. The reason is that all the motors and gear stuff are actually Technics parts and not ‘Lego’ parts. And the store sells Technics motor kits and other things, they don’t sell individual Technics parts like they sell Lego parts.

So I’ll have to improvise something.

Next up was a haircut for me at Lou’s Barber Shop where I’ve been going for about 30 years. I don’t even have to tell him what I want. I just sit down.

Kroger was our next stop, right down the street, for a few things, plus a couple of Lottery tickets for the upcoming PowerBall and Mega Million’s drawings. Both are over $220 Million, with the PB at $269 million and MM at $223 million.

I’m feeling lucky.

Our last stop was Cracker Barrel, not to eat, to order a big pan of their delicious Cornbread Dressing to be picked up Thursday for Christmas dinner on Monday.

With the urging of my SIL Debbie, I finally finished the Family Group Shop from this summer’s family reunion at Brandi’s. Jim, my BIL, and I weren’t in the photo because we were both taking pictures, and Annisten was down for a map. So I wanted to add us all in later.

I started with this.

Family Group Shot 468

And ended up with this.

Family Group Shot - New Finished Arrows 468

Of course the finished version doesn’t have the arrows.

A couple of nights ago we DVR’d the ‘A Christmas Story’ musical on FOX, and tonight we thought we’d start watching it. I figured we probably wouldn’t get all the way through it since it was 3 hours long, but at least make a start

We had heard the reviews weren’t very good, but thought we’d give it a try ourselves. But as it turns our, the reviews were right.

We were 6 minutes in when Jan said, “Have you seen enough?” I laughed and said I was done at 4 minutes, but I just wanted to see how long she would last.

One of the online reviewers said he was going to have to watch all 24 hours of the ‘A Christmas Story’ movie marathon to get the musical out of his memory.

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Vigorous Exercise Tied to Macular Degeneration in Men.  

See there is an upside to being lazy.


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