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Foggy Hockey . . .

Jan and I were out the door about 12:15 this afternoon heading up to the Sugarland Ice Rink to watch Landon’s last hockey for this season.

‘Watch’ however is not really the operative word here since it was so foggy in the rink that it was hard to make out anyone.

Foggy Hockey 1

I guess due to the recent heavy rains the humidity in the rink area was sky-high making fog over the ice, and further obscuring the plexiglas windows surrounding the rink.

Foggy Hockey 2

It also didn’t help things that the rink was in the low 50’s instead of the usual low 60’s. cold enough that you could see your breath. Plus there were some comments make about how cold the toilet seats were. Brrrrr!

But our next stop made up for everything, our usual after-hockey dinner at Floyd’s Cajun Seafood right down the road.

And a meal of Chicken Fried Chicken, Crab Bisque, Shrimp Gumbo, Boudin, and Fried Okra warmed us right up. We spent most of the time talking over our upcoming Christmas Eve and Christmas Day plans.

Looks like Brandi and Lowell will be hosting a total of about 15 people this holiday, including a number from out of town.

In addition it looks like we’re on for our long-time family tradition of having Christmas Eve dinner at King Food. In the last 25 years or so we’ve only missed it a couple of times. Our most memorable time was the Christmas Eve in 2004 when it started snowing while we were having dinner. By the time we headed home there was a couple of inches on the ground with parts of Brazoria County getting almost 13 inches of the white stuff.

Jan and I plan to have lunch there on Tuesday and let the owner know how many we’ll have coming.

The Headline of the Day:: Grieving daughter to sprinkle mother’s ashes — on Christmas dinner!

Thought for the Day:

I’d Kill For a Nobel Peace Prize!


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