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Old Friends . . .

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After a quiet morning we headed out about 12:15 to meet our longtime friends, Bob and Maria, at the IHOP over in Seabrook.

We’ve known them since the mid-80’s when we first met at a local computer store and have been fast friends ever since.

Bob snd Maria Sutton at IHOP

Besides a good breakfast, we spent about 3 hours catching up from our last get-together, and we plan to get back together again soon.

Coming home a little before 5pm we realized we were a little hungry, but not a lot. So, passing Pho20 we stopped for a light supper of one of their delicious House Crunch Salads and a Shrimp Spring Roll, just the perfect amount of dinner.

I forgot to post this photo of my Sweetie last night at Chuy’s,

Chuy's with Jan

showing off her Christmas sweater and Christmas earrings.

While we were there, I also found the ceiling in our dining room kind of neat.

Chuy's Ceiling


I’ve mentioned that we’ve been going through a lot of old albums and photos and I came across a couple really old ones.

Jan and I in FL 1968-3

This is Jan and I in the Spring of 1968 when we were visiting her parents down in Titusville, FL. Jan’s about seven months pregnant with our son Chris.

And here’s my Sweetie in 1964, she says probably at Westover AFB in MA.

Jan - 1964

Beautiful even back then. She sure hasn’t changed a lot in 50 years.

I mentioned in Thursday’s blog that the Galveston County Animal Control truck had come by checking out the house, yard, and dog next door. We didn’t call them, but someone did.  And apparently someone across the fence saw the Animal Control truck also,

So Jan was happy to see someone next cleaning up the dog’s area, drying out his shelter, redoing his slide line, and putting down a couple of bales of hay  to make a bed and dry things out.

Made Jan’s day.

Tomorrow afternoon we’re driving down to Galveston to meet up with an old friend at the Original Mexican Café on 14th St. Looking forward to seeing Linda again.

The Headline of the Day:
  Six Flags Great Adventure cancels snowball fight because of . . . snow.

Thought for the Day:

These Are Pee Cans


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