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No Goofing Off . . .

Being an off-day from work today, you’d think I could have goofed off some, but noooo.

As soon as I got into work yesterday, the office manager told me she was getting calls from customers saying that the website’s credit card checkout was no longer safe to use. Turns out our SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate had expired this past Saturday. News to me.

But it was news I should have gotten about a month ago, but my boss didn’t forward the renewal notice from Godaddy to me. But I was able to catch up by tracking down the replacement certificate and downloading it from Godaddy.

Bu then things came to a screeching halt as I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out where the previous (dead) IT guy had installed it. As I’ve mentioned before our website is hosted on an in-house Linux server, in this case running CentOS. But the certificate is not installed where it normally would be. And not any of the other places that it could possibly be either.

So I spent today here at doing a lot more research and making a couple of phone calls, trying to figure out what he had done. But no luck so far, but I’m back on it tomorrow.

Right now there is a notice on the website inviting customers to call in their orders.Hope this will hold things for a short while until I can get this fixed.

I did take a few minutes this afternoon to go outside to fix a broken spade connector on the driver-side turn signal on the rear of the truck. Recently I noticed that often the left turn signal would fast-flash and then work the next time. Checking it out while we were up Brandi’s, I found that there was a  cracked connector on one wire, but I didn’t have a replacement with me.

So it was just a couple of  minutes today to crimp on a new one.

For you Camp Verde/Cottonwood/Verde Valley devotees, there’s a new, large RV park coming to the area later this year. The 425 site, high-end park will be located just a mile or so north of the I-17/SR260 interchange at Camp Verde, between there and the Verde Valley Thousand Trails park.

Thought for the Day:

If all the world is a stage, I would like to request my lighting be re-adjusted.


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