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Nailed It !

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I went into work this morning still trying to figure out how to fix my SSL certificate problem. While I was off yesterday I spent a lot of time working my way through the server trying to locate the folder where the SSL certs were stored. And it was slow going continuing at work this morning.

But finally, a little after noon, I thought I had it worked out. So after figuring out how to stop the webserver, I started moving the new SSL files that I had downloaded from Godaddy into the SSL area on the server.

This was a two step process, involving downloading the files to my PC, SSH’ing them to the Linux machine, moving them into the SSL area, and then renaming the old files from XXXX.crt to XXXX.crt.2017. Finishing up, I renamed the new files to the correct names.

Then crossing my fingers, I restarted the server.

And it failed.

But it gave me an error message that lead me to what needed to be corrected. So then it was fix it, cross fingers, and restart.

And it failed . . .  again.

But did make it a little further and left me another error message.

So fix, cross, restart.

And it failed again. But this time, no error message.  ???

So I went back over things several times but I could find nothing wrong.

To be sure I hadn’t screwed something else up, I put all the 2017 files back in place and once again restarted.

And it worked. So I hadn’t screwed up with that.

So, making a list of questions,  I got on the phone with Godaddy and luckily got a Linux expert. After going over what I’d done, and what I had, he questioned a couple of t he files that I had listed. He said something wasn’t right, and they shouldn’t be there, and would interfere with the initial setup of the new SSL files.

So I moved the files in question out of that folder, then cross, restart . . .

and it worked.

And when I went to the website, the Not Secure message was gone.


The Godaddy guy and I tried to figure out why those files were in that folder. They couldn’t have been there last year when the 2017 SSL files were installed. And in fact the file dates showed they had been copied over in May 2017.

If I was just a little more paranoid, I’d might just think it was to sabotage anyone who came along after him.

Now that I’ve got root access to the server, I can get back to my original task which is to move the website off this in-house and up to Godaddy in the cloud.

For dinner tonight we had has become our usual Friday night meal at Floyd’s Cajun Seafood, starting of course, with a dozen raw oysters. But since this batch was a little small, we actually got 14 instead of 12. Nice.

After dinner, we stopped by our son Chris’ for our mail and Sam’s Club for a prescription, and then it was back home for the night.

Thought for the Day:

My two main reasons for doing something dumb:

1. It looked like fun.
2. I thought I would bounce.


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