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Well It Was Fun While It Lasted . . .

Which Was About 10 minutes.

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I spent a good while last night working on a client’s laptop, trying to get her Gmail account synced to the Outlook 2016 part of her Office 365 program. I had already spent Tuesday afternoon working on the machine remotely through TeamViewer, but I just couldn’t get it to work.

Normally this is pretty simple. Just set the Gmail account for IMAP and Lee Secure Access. Then go into Outlook 2016, click on Add Account and off you go. But it just wouldn’t work. It actually wouldn’t  let me enter all the account parameters like Server Ports, encryption, Secure Password Authentication, etc. So after going around in circles for a while, I told them to drop it off at the office so I could work on it 1 on 1.

So last night it took a while to research but I came across a posting talking about problems with the very latest version of Outlook 2016, and it listed a fix, a back door, so to speak, that let me get to the full setup. And at that point it just took a few more minutes until it was done.

I got a call from Brock’s Car Care about 11:30 saying our truck was repaired and ready to go. Apparently the electrical switches on the new (used) transfer case were defective, but they didn’t check this, since they didn’t know about the Tow Mode.

So they took the switches out of the broken case and put them into the replacement. And now everything worked.

Leaving work about 3:30 I drove over to Chris’ to pick him up so he could drive me back over to Brock’s to get my truck and head home. There was no new charge so I got in the truck, ready to go. But first of course, I had to check out the tow mode. And this time it worked perfectly. YAY!

I made it down FM 528 about 1.5 miles toward I-45 and decided things were going so well that I would stop at the convenience store and get a Mega Millions ticket for tonight’s $421 million drawing, but before I could turn in, I heard a ‘DING’, and looking down I saw my Oil Pressure gauge sitting on ZERO.

Not this again.

Since I changed out the oil filter back the beginning of February, I’ve not seen the oil pressure problem again . . .  until today.

Since I didn’t want to take a chance with the engine, I called for a tow back to Brock’s, called my son Chris to be sure I could use the truck again, and called Brock’s to tell them about the problem and that I was on the way back.

By the time I got towed back to Brock’s they had closed, so I took an Uber over to Chris’ to get his truck and finally head home.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 2

I’m hoping that maybe Brocks bumped against  the oil pressure sensor cable and loosened it. Or it could just be bad luck that the oil sensor or the oil pump died at the same time as everything else.

But either way, since Brock’s is closed on weekends I won’t know anything until Monday at the earliest.

The Headline of the Day:  Squeezing stress balls not as effective as
punching someone in the face, study finds.

They had to do a ‘study’ to figure this out?

Thought for the Day: 

The fact that there’s a Highway to Hell and only a Stairway to Heaven says a lot about the anticipated traffic numbers.


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