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Two Down, One To Go . . .

Jan and I were up at 6:30 and out the rig door by 7:15am, heading up to Friendswood for our GP Doctor yearly checkups, mine at 8am and Jan’s at 8:30. It helps that we both use the same doctor.

Jan and I always try to make our appointments for the very first thing in the morning so we don’t get stuck waiting around as the times start slipping as the day wears on.

Both our blood pressure (mine was 113/74) and our blood glucose readings were good, but we won’t know our A1c’s until the tests come back. But we don’t expect to have a problem this time.

Now all we’ve got left is Jan’s oncologist appointment Thursday at noon to go over her lab tests and mammogram which should be pretty much pro forma.

We were done with doctors and back on the road by 9:30, a new record I think. Our first stop was at Brock’s Car Care to give Dennis a deposit on the all the special order stuff for our truck repair. Hopefully it will be ready Thursday or Friday.

Then it was on to have breakfast at The Egg and I over in Webster. Probably our favorite upscale breakfast place, we been eating here since before we started RV’ing in 2008. And it has always been delicious. We always start off with a big pot of their Hazelnut Coffee, really fresh and flavorful. One of our favorite parts of eating here.

This time Jan had the Bacon Avocado Scramble with Ranch Potatoes and an English Muffin.

Egg And I Bacon and Avocado Scramble

And this time they got her bacon right. Jan calls it “Glass Bacon”. So well-done(burnt) that it shatters when you touch it.

I had my favorite Deluxe Egg Sandwich with 2 fried eggs, smoked ham, bacon, tomato, mayonnaise and Havarti dill on grilled sourdough bread, along with Dressed Greens.

Egg And I Egg Sandwich & Greens

This is the first time I’ve had the greens as a side, (Jan calls them ‘weeds’) and they were really good. The dressing was so good I had to ask what it was, and it turns out it was a Lemon Vinaigrette. Really good.

Finishing up we headed home for the day, with reading for Jan and website stuff for me.

Catching up on a few things, I mentioned a week or so ago that I was upset about how our rig/truck insurance had jumped in price, from $287 to $351 per month. Normally it only jumps $10-$15 per month, even after our 2015 blowout in Arizona. If you’re new here since then, you can check out the link above for the story.

But by raising our policy’s deductible from $500 to $1000, it dropped the payment from $351 to $317, a $34 per month savings. Not great, but not bad.

Since in 11 years of RV’ing we’ve only had that one 2015 claim, I think it’s a pretty safe bet. And in 15 months the savings will cover the $500 increase in deductible.

A recent Alexa update apparently gave her some manners. I’ve always been in the habit of thanking Alexa after she does something for me, i.e. “Alexa, TV On.” She then turns on the TV, and says, “Sure”. And most the time I will say, “Thank you.”

Before now, I gotten dead silence from her. But a couple nights ago, she came back with, “You’re Welcome.” Gave me a jolt.  Since then I’ve gotten, “No problem.”, “Anytime.”, “Don’t Mention It”,  and “My Pleasure.”

At least our new robot masters will be polite when they take over.

When I got root (full access) and also solved the SSL certificate on the webserver I promised myself a steak dinner, so tomorrow we’re going to Saltgrass Steakhouse so I can collect my award. YUMM!

Thought for the Day:

The illusion of security is just that.


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