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The Girls Are Fine!

First off, Jan had her diagnostic mammogram this afternoon and the verdict is in:

The Girls Are Fine!

Jan got a clean bill of health for another year. Now all we have left are our two GP appointments on Monday morning, and then Jan has a final follow-up on Thursday with her oncologist to go over the mammogram findings. Then hopefully we will be done for this year.

But unlike Jan’s . . .. boo . . . er, mammogram findings, the truck died on the way to her mammogram appointment. I’d been hearing some rumbling from the truck for a couple of weeks, which I figured it was the U-joints. Turns out it was.

With a little help of a bystander we got the truck into the parking lot at the Taco Cabana just a few blocks from Jan’s appointment. Prioritizing things, I called an Uber to get Jan to her appointment where I knew she would be occupied! for a few hours.

This was our first time to use Uber and it was pretty painless. I did have to change out the credit card I had on the account since it had expired since I set the account up. But once that was done I had the ride booked in just a couple of minutes, giving the address where Jan wanted to go. A couple of minutes later I got a confirmation from them giving me the driver’s name, vehicle, and tag number, with an arrival time of about 5 minutes. And he was right on time.

With Jan on the way I put a call into Brock’s Car Care, my long-time mechanic, letting them know I had a problem and that I was on the way. They wanted to know if I needed a tow and I said No, that I had it covered with my own Roadside Assistance.

I wish I had taken them up on it. But I’ll cover this more tomorrow when I have more information about what happened.

While I was waiting, I put in a call to our son Chris to see if he was in the area to give us a ride home if necessary. Turns out he was at work up in Baytown, but he offered his Chevy pickup for our use.

Thanks, Chris.

The tow truck dropped me and the truck off at Brock’s about 1:45, and I was soon as I was checked in, their pickup/dropoff service dropped me off at Chris’ where I picked up the truck and headed back to where Jan was.

I hadn’t been there for more than about 15 minutes when she called to say she was ready to be picked and that everything was fine.

We had originally planned to have dinner this afternoon at Floyd’s Cajun Seafood with our friends Jan and Dale Thompson, but they begged off due to a bug going around. So we’ll catch them another time.

But Jan and I decided to go to Floyd’s anyway. As we were walking in, Jan said, “I want a Coors Light to celebrate.”

Fine by me. I had one too.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 1

Brock’s called later in the afternoon saying I was right about it being the U-joints. In fact it seems like the driveshaft is still laying in front of the Taco Cabana since it wasn’t attached to the truck anymore. They said they’d get back to me.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m using the Duolingo app re-learn the Spanish I spoke when we lived in Colombia, SA when I was a teen. I’ve been doing it for 65 days now and it is coming back.

But there’s big news in the Duolingo world. They’ve finally announced their long-waited Klingon version. Learn Klingon

However they don’t say how long it will be before you can play Klingon Boggle.

The Headline of the Day:
   Platypus Milk Key To Combating Superbugs.

And exactly who is doing the platypus milking?

Thought for the Day:

I don’t think I get enough credit for the fact that I do all this un-medicated. 


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