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Sprung Forward . . . Again!

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For some reason our bedroom projection clock decided to spring forward AGAIN last night, making it an hour fast.  So when Jan got up at her usual 7:15 or so, she was surprised to find it was really 6:15. Not sure what happened to it, but I’ll check it tomorrow.

Yesterday Jan and I headed up into Webster to first have lunch at King Food once again. It was so good on this past Saturday that we did it again today. This time we remembered to ask for the Fried Noodle Crunchies for our Hot & Sour Soup.

King Food Hot and Sour with Crunchies

Next up I stopped by work for a couple of minutes to pick up my Sealand Toilet Seals that came in via Amazon, but also to double-check one of my other client’s website. One of our blog readers said that when he went to that site he got a NOT SECURE warning.

I didn’t see a problem here at the rig, but I wanted to check with other computers on another network. And just like here, I saw no problem. Later I called Nick Russell to see if he saw any problems and he didn’t either.

I emailed the guy back asking if he maybe had his browser locked down so that it sees any website as not secure that doesn’t have an SSL certificate for https:.

Later today he emailed that he wasn’t seeing the problem anymore. So who knows.

Our next stop was the Salvation Army location in Nassau Bay. Supposedly open until 4pm, we found it closed already at 3:55. Guess Happy Hour starts early on Monday’s.

Moving on, we detoured over to FM2094 in Kemah to check out a new under-construction RV park called Brickhouse RV Park.

Brickhouse RV Park Sign

The name probably comes from the fact that it owned by, and located right next door to Jackie’s Brickhouse, a popular sport bar in the area.

Brickhouse RV Park 1

Looks to be about 115 sites laid out in 4 long rows. No idea when it’s supposed to open.

Finishing up in the Kemah area, we stopped off at Sundowner Canvas to pick up our last awning, the one that goes on the slide. Installation is on the schedule for this weekend.

Then after stopping for gas at the Krogers on League City Parkway, it was off to the WalMart in Victory Lakes for more stuff. Seems we never have enough ‘stuff’. Else why are we always buying more?

Our last stop on the way home was at the convenience store at FM517 to get some lottery ticket s for the Mega Millions and Powerball drawings. The MM is at $318 Million and the PB is at $420 Million. 

As usual I got the Annual Payment option, rather than the Cash Value. I think I may be only one in the state who does this because it seems that many clerks don’t even what it is, or how to punch it up on the machine.

And if I get tickets from one of the self-service machines, they don’t even offer the Annual Payments option.

The reason I do this is because I hate to give away millions of $$$. Take the $420 million PB jackpot. If you take the Cash Value, you’ll get about $248 million up front, giving up about $172 MILLION! That’s a lot of bucks!

But if you take it as 30 annual payments, that’s about $14 million a year. Now I can’t think of anything I might do with $248 million that I can’t do with $14 million a year.

Tomorrow we start our week’s worth of yearly doctor checkups. Jan had two appointments tomorrow with her oncologist and to get a mammogram, and then Monday we both have our GP checkups. Wrapping up, next Thursday Jan has a wrap-up with her oncologist again. Fingers Crossed.

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