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Oreos and Marshmallows . . .

Not much new at work today, just the regular day to day crises and potential catastrophes.

I even had to work late to get a machine repaired and out the door with UPS.

Coming home, I got a call a little before 5pm from Brock’s Car Care letting me know that our Dodge Dakota is ready to go. We plan of picking it up tomorrow. Jan (and 1) will be happy to give Chris his truck back. Being a full size Chevy, it’s a lot harder to climb up into, especially since it doesn’t have any step rails.

A number of you have contacted Jan concerning SPAM Facebook messages you’ve received.  But it was not just FB, but also email, and even a phone call.

I got an email from Jan addressed to me, about 5 people I recognized,  and about 20 others that I had no idea who they were. And one of our blog readers/FB friends actually got a PHONE call from an unknown Jan White. At least that’s what showed on his caller ID.

I’ve contacted FB and they’re looking into this, so stay tuned.

I just finished up Nomadland, the book I mentioned before about RV’ers and how they live and work on the road. I was initially a little leery about it, thinking it was a put-down on full-time RV’ers, especially workampers.

But it was really a look inside the lives of people somewhat on the down and out, many forced into the RV life by some combination of divorce, job loss, bad economy, pension loss, or in some cases, all of the above. 

Some of the subjects in the book went from 7 figure salaries down to living in the back of a beat-up van. But they all seem to have a never give up attitude, no matter what.

I was impressed by how the author got into the lifestyle, spending over 3 years following RV’ers around the country in an large old model van, rigged up for full-time living. She did the Quartzsite thing 3 times, plus worked at Amazon and harvested beets. So she pretty much covered it all.

A really interesting book.

A couple of days ago I got the notice from Verizon that the long-awaited Android 8.0 OS (Oreo) was now available for download to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone. Android 6.0 was Marshmallow and 7.0 was Nougat. I think I detect a pattern here.

It added a number of nice features, including camera software improvements and facial recognition encryption, among many others. The only downside seems to be that it confused some of my ringtones and notification sounds, but that was easy to fix. Now I’ll spend the next several days checking out the new stuff.

Thought for the Day:

iPhone v Android


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