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Could be worse. Could be raining.


The last several days have been pretty boring. But in some cases, boring is good.

Our vehicle counts have been in the 80’s, which is nice, especially since when the fracking starts, that could easily quadruple. From what we’ve heard, there are three sites ready to frack behind our gate, and that doesn’t include the two rigs that are presently drilling, the one right across from us and the other one down the road.

But if it’s anything like our past experience, it could easily be a while. We’ve been told that frack crews are in short supply, and it can take months after a well is finished before the frack guys show up. We heard last year of one gate guarding couple who sat on a gate for six months waiting for the frack, just getting one or two vehicles a day.

And when we were following a Marathon/HP rig in 2012, the couple at a gate right above us had been waiting three months. So I guess it’s possible that when we leave here in November, they still won’t be fracking.

That would be nice. 80 vehicle days as far as the eye can see.

I mentioned in an earlier blog about the rig right across from us being a ‘3 holer’, which means they will actually be drilling three separate wells on that pad. Well, tomorrow is when they’re supposed to ‘skid’ the rig to the second hole, but I haven’t heard if that’s going to happen on time or not. Probably not, because is seems like nothing stays on schedule in the oil patch. We’ll see.

Besides low vehicle counts the last several days, we’ve also had rain. And today, we got a lot of it. A heavy downpour for about an hour this afternoon. Luckily there was no wind, so I didn’t have a problem with it blowing under the canopy, but it did bring out a few leaks, mostly where the canopy rubs against the frame in a few places.

So I decided to try this Rust-Oleum Clear Leak Seal spray I bought a while back to seal the joints in our shower. Since it work great there, so why not on the canopy?

Rust-Oleum Leak Seal

I’m sure you’ve seen those TV commercials where they install a screen door in the bottom of a boat, spray the screen with a leak sealer, and then sail away, high and dry. Well, this is that stuff, but the Rust-Oleum brand.

And I can tell it works just as good on canopies as it does on screen door boat bottoms. And it even works while it’s raining. I would see a drop forming on the underside of the canopy, hit it with a couple of shots of the Leak Seal, and no more drip. Neat.

For dinner last night we finished off the last of the Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, and tonight Jan whipped up one of her specialty sandwiches, with sliced turkey, sliced roast beef, pepperjack cheese, basil pesto, and spicy mayo. Really, really, really good.

More tomorrow from the Gate.


Thought for the Day:

“Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable.” – Mark Twain


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