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Taking a Walk . . .


Scotty, our Gate Guard Services support tech, showed up today with water, diesel, and . . . the dreaded memo. The one that ‘officially’ notifies us of the new uniform of the day, i.e. hot, ugly, uncomfortable blue shirt, and boring, dark blue pants.

We had to tell them how many and what size shirts we want , and then sign it acknowledging we’d seen the memo. Bummer.

But supposedly there may be some sort of mini-revolt going on about this at Corporate with a lot of gate guards complaining. So we’ll see what happens.

Last night as one of the rig hands came back in after his week off, we were talking about his rig, and fracking. He works on the rig about 1/2 mile down the road from us, and I was wondering about when they were going to skid it to the 2nd hole.

He said they were supposed to do it a few days ago while he was off. I said I didn’t think that they’d moved it, since no big cranes had come in. He then told me proudly that his rig didn’t need cranes. It walked to the next hole all by itself.

Wow! I knew there were rigs that could do this, but I thought they were pretty new and not in much use yet. So it looks like I was mistaken.

I did find this video of another rig showing how it actually walks. It can go forward and backwards, sidestep, and turn in place. And it does this carrying a full rack of drill pipe and weighing 2.5 million pounds. That’s 1250 tons.

WOW again!

He also confirmed what I’d been told about them not wanting to frack too close to active drill sites, so between his rig and ours, that may delay fracking here. Hopefully, maybe, until we’re gone for the year.

Later this afternoon a big excavator showed up and started tearing down our windbreak.

Big Backhoe 1

Big Backhoe 2

I was looking forward to having that high wall of dirt to help shield us some from the north winds we’ll start getting in November. Cold north winds.

All I can say is that this guy must have a really good union, because he’d work for about 10 minutes and then take a 10 minute break, leaning back in the cab, and putting his feet up, as you can see here.

Big Backhoe Feet Up

Of course I could be kind and say his hydraulic pump was overheating and he had to stop and let it cool off.

I could say that, but it’s not really in my nature.


Thought for the Day:

Ancestry.com is like Facebook for dead people. (thanks, Stahlie)


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