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A New Record!

A record low, that is. We had only 80 vehicles through the gate today. Now this I could get to like. But it probably won’t last, unfortunately.

About 11am I made a run over to Bryan to the Sam’s Club to pick up our prescriptions. And for the first time since we started RV’ing in 2008, Sam’s screwed them up.

Well, not Sam’s in general, but the Sam’s Club in Mishawaka, IN, the last place we had these particular ones filled back in June. For some unexplained reason, after they filled them, and we picked them up, the Mishawaka Sam’s cancelled the prescriptions.

The Pharmacist here had no idea why they would do this, and had never heard of it happening before. So I took the 3 that were ready, and the Pharmacist said she’d get it fixed. And I guess she did, because later in the afternoon I got a text message saying that they were ready. I’ll pick them up early next week.

My next stop was Home Depot to pick up a new shower hose for our Oxygenics Hand Held Showerhead. The old one had started leaking so I picked up a new one at Wal-Mart earlier this week. But it turned out to be pretty useless.

The hose was so stiff that it was more like a piece of flexible copper tubing. Without the flex part. It wouldn’t just hang there, it stuck out sideways and resisted any effort to corral it. Jan said it was like wrestling an octopus.

Funny, I thought that was me when we were dating.

Anyway, I found a much better one at Home Depot, and the other one will go back to Wal-Mart next week.

The Oxygenics Hand Held Showerhead is the best showerhead we’ve ever had. It gives a great shower no matter what the water pressure and has a bunch of different patterns.

Oxygenics Showerhead

Try one. You’ll love it.

On the way home I stopped off at a McDonald’s to pick up lunch for us. And this has to be one of the fastest McDonald’s I’ve ever been in. I ordered two burgers, a large fry, 4 apple pies, two iced coffees, and a Coke. When I finished paying, I took my cup and went over to the drink dispenser to fill it. And before I had the lid on the drink, they were calling my name that my order was ready. That’s fast.

And they didn’t screw it up either, Everything was exactly like I ordered it.

Getting home about 1:30, we sat out together and ate our burgers and fries before Jan went in. She said while I was gone one of the rig guys dropped off a steak dinner for us. A big rib-eye, potato salad and beans. Apparently the guy was apologetic that he only had one dinner. Jan assured him that it was big enough for the both of us.

Now we have dinner tomorrow.

About 6, when Jan came back out to relieve me, we had two of the apple pies for dinner. Made a nice snack.

It rained on and off for a good part of the afternoon, sometimes heavy, sometimes light. The biggest problem with rain here is keeping the log sheets dry. We’re always trying something different, plastic bags, Ziplock bags, etc., with only some success. Everything just gets damp.


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