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Are We, or Are We Not . . .

412 Rig in DayFracking.

Well, we may be fracking. Or we may not be fracking.

We certainly got a good bit busier, with 96 vehicles in today, up from yesterday’s 70, and Saturday’s 60. But nothing like the 300+ we had for two days in a row at last year’s frac gate when they started up.

We’ve been told that there are three wells in the back that are ready to frac, but no one seems to know when they’re supposed to start, just RSN (Real Soon Now). But then this afternoon one of the vacuum trucks that had been running in and out all afternoon, came in and then back out about 5 minutes later.

When I asked why, they said that they were fracking on the back pad,and they couldn’t get in.

So we don’t know. If this is how fracking is done up here, we’ll take it. No 300 vehicle days would be nice.

Don’t know what’s going on with the rig in front of us. They’re supposed to skid the rig to the new hole on Wednesday, but they’re not finished drilling yet. There’s a full rack of drill pipe on the derrick, so they obviously planned to drill more, but the rig’s been quiet all day with no drilling going on. Looks like they broke something again.

After all, remember, It’s A Yugo.

I’m still getting login attempts on the blog, but less of them since I upped the lockout requirements. Now after two failed retries, they’re locked out for 4 hours, and after two lockouts, they’re locked out for 48 hours.

They trying a lot of different login names, still with no luck, of course. I mentioned the other day that I use a VERY strong password, made up of just random garbage, so they’re not going to guess it, and throwing a dictionary attack at it simply won’t work either.

Lockout Stats

But as you can see, they keep trying.

The food fairy showed up again. The same one that brought the Red Beans and Rice with Sausage yesterday, dropped off Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas today. Again, homemade, and really, really good. We could get used to this.

I forgot to mentioned yesterday’s and today’s dessert that Jan made to go with our gifts. It was a delicious Peach Dump Cake. She made a big pan of it the other day, so we’ll be able to eat on it for several days. Really good with whipped cream on top.


Thought for the Day:

Violence is rarely the answer. But when it is, it’s the only answer.


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