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It’s A Three Holer . . .


Got some interesting news today about our rig. Well, the rig right in front of us. We have another rig right down the road. And two more right up the road, for that matter. But those two are not ours, i.e. not behind our gate.

Anyway our rig is a 3 holer!

No, not like an outhouse. Well, maybe, kinda. In that 3 holes are involved.

No, what this means is that they’re going to drill 3 separate wells on the same pad here. And amazingly, they do it by dragging the drill rig 25 feet until it’s over the new drill hole. And in a couple of weeks they’re gonna do it again.

When the rig was first erected, it was done on big steel plates. And when the time comes to move it, they grease up the plates, hook up two big honkin’ cranes like this one,

Big Crane

and just drag the 100 ton rig to its new location, using the two cranes to both pull it and steer it.

When we were following a Marathon/H&P rig down in the Eagle Ford area in 2012, they did this on our rig. And the nice thing about it was we got a couple of days off while it was going on. But since we have multiple pads here, we won’t have that luxury this time.

A few days ago, I started working with the Gate Guard Logging program that I wrote last year while we were on our frac gate.

Right now I’m just using to set up a database of everyone who comes through our gate, i.e. name, company, and tag number. This is all the info we need, other than how many people are with him, and where he’s going, which can change with every visit. The program is capable of logging people in and out, but I’m not using that function right now. I’ll talk about that in a later blog.

Right now it’s running on my laptop, but it would be easy to convert to an Android tablet like a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and use it instead of paper logs. I know some companies are using iPads for this, so we’ll see how it works out.


Thought for the Day:

Since 1965 the Federal Government has spent $22 Trillion fighting the “War on Poverty”. Adjusted for inflation, that’s three times what the US has spent on all ‘real’ wars, including the American Revolution. (note: this amount does not include Social Security, Medicare, or Unemployment.)

At that time 7% of children were born outside marriage. Now 42% are.

The Census Bureau says the Poverty Rate is presently at 14%, almost exactly the same as when the ‘War’ started.

So, maybe we would be better off if we just surrendered?

Of course, also according to the Census Bureau, poverty just isn’t what it use to be. Check out this chart.



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