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Spiders and Snakes . . .


Well, I think Fall may officially be here. Yesterday was 89 and 69, while today was sunny and 82, and tonight it’s supposed to be 56°. Looks like it ‘s heater time here on the gate.

Then it seems to be mid-to-high-80’s and mid-60’s as far as the eye can see. Or at least for the 10 days they’re willing to take a shot at forecasting.

And maybe the cooler weather will take out the last of the few mosquitos we’ve had. They really haven’t been bad, considering the scummy pond right behind the rig. That’s probably due to the dragonflies, frogs, spiders and snakes that live back there.

As I figured they did not skid the rig today. In fact, as of right now (1am Wed) they’re still drilling, So if they plan to skid tomorrow as they now say, they’d better finish up soon because there’s a lot of prep work to do before they skid.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

They apparently had a traffic jam up front today, with rigs lined up all along the 1/4 mile out to the highway. They were bringing a lot stuff into the first rig, and there was no room for everyone. The other gate guards starting sending some of them down here to park and wait until they got called, but there’s no room down here, except on the pads. And the pads didn’t want them either. So they would head back up front. There are four rigs along this road. We have two, and there are two more up front. It can get crowded when everyone’s busy.

Piper ended up back in the hospital for a while yesterday. She started having a LOT of pain in her wrist, so Linda took her to the Emergency Room. The doctor looked at it and told her there was nothing wrong, it looked OK and was going to send her home. But Piper stood her ground, and said something’s wrong, and insisted on an X-Ray. At first they said No, but Piper put her foot down and they finally gave in. Then a little bit later, the radiologist came out and said it looks like you’ve got an infection in there. Guess they didn’t get it all cleaned out after the accident.

Anyway, Piper ended up in the hospital getting IV antibiotics for a while.

They should learn you don’t outstubborn Miss Piper. She’s a White.

Piper is working toward being a Nurse Practitioner, by going the EMT, EMT2, Paramedic, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner route, working as she goes. Sounds like she knows her stuff.

Landon playing T-Ball this year, and yesterday was his first game.

Landon at T-Ball

Looks like he’s got the look and style down. I especially like the sunglasses.

Jan and I had originally hoped to get the day off tomorrow, but it looks like it’s not going to happen. The two downsides to gate guarding in this area is no place to receive mail and packages, and most importantly, there are no relief guards here either.

Down in the Whitsett area where we were for the previous two years, there were a number of people who did nothing but relief guarding and they were always booked up.


Thought for the Day:

.45 ACP.

So you don’t have to shoot twice.

(this one’s for you, Nick)


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