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Happy Anniversary !!!


 And a Very Nice Surprise.

Although this blog is dated the 27th of September, most of you will be reading it on Sunday the 28th, which is Jan’s and my 47th wedding anniversary.

I know it’s a cliché, but looking back it seems like yesterday. Two kids, two grandkids, and 7 years on the road and here we are.

Still in love, still best friends, and still having fun. You really can’t ask for more.

And because it’s our anniversary, we got a really nice surprise today. A little after 5:30 Brandi, Lowell, and Landon showed up to help us celebrate, and brought brownies.

They’re actually staying overnight in College Station and will come back over tomorrow (Sunday) and bring Rudy’s BBQ for us all to have lunch together. Brandi said she figured this was the only way they were ever going to get to celebrate our anniversary with us.

The two previous years we were gate guarding, but too far from Houston to visit, and then before that, we were always on the road somewhere.

Landon always loves to visit our ‘truck house’ as he calls it, and had fun running around checking everything out at our site.

Landon at Gate 1

 Landon at Gate 2

While Mister decided to check out a new lap.

Lowell and Mister
On the Miss Piper front, she’s up and around, doing much better, and has a new puppy to keep her company.

His name is Nigel (Nigel?), and he’s cute as a button. And about the size of one too.

Nigel 1

Nigel 2

But their other dog, PJ, doesn’t look to impressed.

Nigel 3

Or maybe he’s thinking more along the lines of ‘snack’.

In other gate news, the last several days have been very nice, weather-wise, and pretty slow traffic-wise. In other words, pretty nice too. It’s been partly cloudy, and in the mid-80’s in the daytime, and high 60’s/ low 70’s at night. Just about perfect.

And as far as traffic, we had 75 vehicles yesterday, and 67 today. So, also just about perfect.

And tomorrow, Rudy’s BBQ.



Thought for the Day:

“Dishonesty and incompetence so often goes hand in hand, because one is used to hide the other”


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