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I Don’t Know . . .


Today was Grocery Day so I headed over to Bryan/College Station (or BCS as it’s known around here) to the Wal-Mart SuperCenter there to top off the larder. After my 3rd visit I’m finally starting to know where everything is, so that helps speed things up.

For lunch we decided to try the other chicken finger place here, Layne’s of College Station. Like last week’s Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, Layne’s is right across the street from the Texas A&M campus. In fact they’re almost next door to each other.

But, unlike Raising Cane’s, Layne’s is not really a chain. Well, they do have two stores. But two stores does not really a chain make. Raising Cane’s has over 150 stores just within a 500 mile radius of Houston.

Like Raising Cane’s, Layne’s has a very limited menu. But where Raising Cane’s has a 3 piece, a 4 piece, and a 6 piece dinner box, and a sandwich, Layne’s only has a 5 piece dinner and 3 different sandwiches (Fried, Grilled, and a Club with Cheese and Bacon. Hmmm, Bacon.)

Other differences are that RC has Cole Slaw while Layne’s has Potato Salad. RC has Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade while Layne’s just has regular drinks.

Our Opinion:

We liked RC’s chicken fingers a little better. They’re bigger and moister. But Layne’s gave me 6 fingers instead of 5. Nice!

RC’s Cole Slaw vs. Layne’s Potato Salad. It’s a tie. They’re both good.

We both agreed that we liked Layne’s Fries better than RC’s They just tasted better.

So, if we go back to one, it will probably be Raising Cane’s, but it’s close.

Next week it’ll probably Sonic for Foot Long Cheese Chili Dogs.

Landon had his first T-Ball game the other night and Brandi sent over some photos.

Landon T-Ball - Who's on First

“OK. Once again. Who’s on first.”

“I don’t know.”

“No, I Don’t Know’s on third.”


Landon T-Ball - Worm

“Hey. There’s a worm in here!”

“Ya have to eat it. That’s the rule.”


Landon T-Ball - Tag

“No, No. Don’t tag me. Tag the guy over there. I’m on your team.”

Well, it looks like they were all having fun, anyway. And that’s what counts.


Apparently the word has come down from on high that we gate guards are going to have to wear GGS shirts to make ourselves ‘more visible’. Someone commented on one of the Facebook Gate Guard blogs that “Isn’t that what the bright orange vests that we wear supposed to do.”

Anyway, thanks to Debbie Branson on the Gate Guards United blog, here’s what they look like.

GGS Shirts

Comments (complaints?) include:

With our vests on, no one will see the logo.

With a jacket on in the winter, no one will see the shirt.

They’re 65% polyester, not too good in the Texas summer time.

I don’t want to. (Well, that one’s mine.)

For people who don’t have a washer/dryer in their rig and go to town to do laundry, they’re going to have to buy a bunch of them.

My solution is that I’m going to have my Company Man tell me we don’t have to wear them. The Company Man is God.


Thought for the Day:

Don’t steal — the government hates the competition.


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