An Old Ritual . . .

The sound of heavy rain on the rig roof woke me up about 7:00am this morning.

So I rolled over and went back to sleep for another hour. Happily I had anticipated the rain today, so pretty much the only thing I had left to do outside was to bring in the sat dish and unplug the shore power. And even better, by the time I finally got up, the rain had died off for a while.

I went down to the office a little before 10 to settle up on our electric. We gave a $100 deposit when we checked in February 4th. Turns out we got a $5.32 refund so that’s always nice.

Getting back to the rig, I cranked up and started getting us ready to roll, bring up the levelers, bringing in the slide, and disconnecting shore power. Then after backing out and pulling ahead out of the way, I got out and went back help Jan sweep off the concrete pad.

As we travel every year, the concave base pads of our levelers pick up a lot of dirt, mud, and gravel, which I always wash out while we’re here at Galveston Bay RV. I tried to get it all out from under rig then, but there’s always some residue, and I hate to leave a messy site, so we swept up.

After that I pulled down a bit so Jan could pull in behind me with the truck and we got hitched up. It was slow going at first because during cold, wet weather, our air system goes into automatic purge to get rid of the moisture in the system, and doesn’t come up to full pressure until it’s done. Which means the air bag suspension doesn’t fully inflate.

But very quickly things smoothed out as we got down the road a short piece, and we were on our way. I could have waited a while longer for the purge to finish, but it was Sunday morning, and I sure everyone didn’t want to hear my engine running at high idle for 10 minutes. And I’d rather be rolling, anyway.

Our first stop came about 5 miles down the road in Dickenson at Monterey’s Little Mexico. It’s a ritual of ours that we always stop here on our way out of town, and we’ve done it every year since we started RV’ing in 2008.

Finishing up our Chicken Tortilla Soup and Beef Fajita Nachos, we were back on the road about noon. By circling back around the mostly empty parking lot, I was able get the ramp right out onto I-45N and we were on our way.

Today was a short trip, only 120 miles, and 2-1/2 hours, over to the Colorado River Thousand Trails in Columbus, TX. The weather wasn’t great, but really not bad. Just very overcast, and enough drizzle and mist to keep my new wiper blades occupied.

Pulling into our site here, we noticed our friend Randy was back, so about 4:30 we all headed down to Peter’s BBQ for dinner and catching up. He’s leaving tomorrow too, going over to the Medina (no longer any) Lake Thousand Trails.

Tomorrow night, we’ll be at the North Llano River RV Park in Junction, TX, about 240 miles away, so more from on the road then. It’s possible I won’t be able to post tomorrow from there. In the past, the Internet service has ranged from bad to non-existent, so we’ll see.

Thought for the Day:

As always, keeping a low profile with anything you do is to your advantage.


7 Responses to An Old Ritual . . .

  1. Cat Lady in Baton Rouge says:

    You said, “He’s leaving tomorrow too, going over to the Medina (no longer any) Lake Thousand Trails…”does this mean Lake Medina is no longer a park for TT?
    Thanks and have a safe trip.

    Hi, Jan.

    • gregwhite says:


      It’s still a TT park. but there is ‘no longer any’ Lake at Medina Lake. San Antonio apparently started using all the water that used to feed the lake, and it went dry. It’s now mostly just a empty lake bed that you can drive out on.

  2. gumo says:

    I enjoy camping near Junction, too. Lums BBQ is my favorite. The new Pilot store in town has really helped to bring down fuel prices in Junction that were always really high so I am glad to see their new, clean store. Safe travels!

  3. Jan says:

    It’s raining here in Arizona today so don’t hurry over yet. See you soon.

  4. Bob Sutton says:

    Have a safe, fun trip, Greg and Jan. Maria and I really enjoyed visiting with you again. The time just passes too fast.

  5. Hi Greg – Not sure if you remember Brenda & I. We met at 1k Trails/Colorado River a year ago. You helped guide me and our Open Range 5th wheel back into our site (next to you). Well, we were set up as Interpretive Park Host at Stephen F. Austin SP in San Felipe and were evacuated due to a rising Brazos River. We found ourselves at 1k Trails to wait for the Brazos to crest and recede. I thought you might like to see the new river view of The Colorado from our site. Oh, Peters BBQ was as good as ever last night too!

    Happy Trails!

    Tom & Brenda Shaughnessy

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