Now This Is Just Ridiculous . . .

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Today was another of those nice never-left-the-rig days. Jan m mostly read while I worked on cleaning up a client/friend’s laptop. Originally I worked on the laptop a year or so ago when it belonged to another client/friend who gave it to this other client/friend. So now I’m cleaning it all out and getting it set up for its new owner.

A couple of days ago we did something we’ve never done before.

We turned down a gate. And a very nice gate from the description we got.

When we contacted Todd, our Sitewatch supervisor from last/this year back in August, he said things were slow right then, but he expected things to pick up around the first of the year. So we rearranged our schedule for this winter, planning to not gate guard until after Christmas.

Plus I wanted to get my Clear Lake client back on the straight and narrow before we head out.

As it was, the gate sounded perfectly, with a steady 3 or 4 months on tap, just perfect for us. Hopefully something like it will be available when we’re available.

Our friend’s Debi and Ed Hurlburt are parked right by the electrical panel that took out the power here in the ‘G’ section of the Lake Conroe Thousand Trails.

Bad Electric Panel 2

Ed passed on this info about what’s going on with it.

That panel was running on a 400 amp meter, and with all the new 50 amp rigs it just couldn’t hold up and it melted the meter. They ran a second panel which will run off a second meter, but Entergy won’t will not bring the new meter out until Monday morning, at which time they will inspect it. You would think that with the revenue TT brings them they could have sent a man out Saturday to plug in a new meter.

This is getting ridiculous. My Verizon date usage reset today at midnight, so I was back to full 4G speeds again, but apparently for only about 19 hours. At 18:47 this evening I got an email from Verizon saying that I had used 13.5 GB on my 15 GB. Then at 19:06, 19 minutes later I got another email saying I had used all of my 15 GB for this month, all in just 19 hours.

That’s 750 MB per hour!

Guess I’ll be on the phone to Verizon tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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The Word of the Day is:  Distractile

Thought for the Day: 

“I have more guns than I need, but not as many as I want.” – Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm 



6 Responses to Now This Is Just Ridiculous . . .

  1. Good luck with getting all your computers Online and Verizon straightened out. Hopefully nobody has Hacked into your MiFi.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  2. Linda in NE says:

    Good luck with your Verizon data. My son’s been complaining ever since they got their iPhone 7 phones. My daughter finally got fed up with Verizon and their gouging and changed carriers.

  3. bob plaskon says:

    I had a similar problem earlier this year and I traced it to the automatic updates that W10 uses. Found a way to stop them and the problem also stopped. So far, no down side to not getting updates, however??

  4. bob plaskon says:

    Greg, your thoughts on stopping the updates?  Bob

    • gregwhite says:


      You can stop the automatic updates by changing your connection in Win10 to a metered connection. Google it to see how. This will allow to decide when to download the updates.

      However, never updating opens you up to problems that the updates are supposed to fix.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate your comments.


  5. Ed Hurlburt says:

    We went through the same thing two months ago with AT&T. After talking to about three supervisors who all told me that I used a whole months worth of data (gigs) plus 10 gigs of rollover in two days. It took me 2 hours of talking, then yelling, then inflicting bodily harm on someone, before they finally agreed that there must of been some sort of “Glitch”..Ya Think!!

    It sure is funny that their GLITCH came at a time when they were trying to get me to switch to a  “Unlimited Data plan”  for just a slight increase to my monthly payment

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