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Glad This Didn’t Happen The First Time . . .

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Feeling much better, I was back at work today, with a lot of catching up to do after being out two days this week, one my fault and one the calendar’s fault.

Getting home about 4:30 Jan and I were back on the road about 4:45 with our first stop at Pho20 right down the road for dinner.

But I’m glad this wasn’t our first time there, or we might have never gone back. Or even worse, if we had taken some friends there after telling them how great it was.

Now don’t get me wrong, the food was as delicious as usual . . . when it finally showed up . . . over 45 minutes later. And even then it dribbled out in bits and pieces over the next 30 minutes.

Jan, still working her way down the Chicken menu, had the Chicken Teriyaki, which she like so much that owner, who showed up toward the end of our meal, gave her a jar of the  sauce. And we notice the food started coming out of the kitchen a lot faster after she arrived.

Then it was on to the Wal-Mart across i-45 to pick up some stuff before we headed back home.

When I got to work this morning my new Amazon Alexa Wand was waiting for me. But since it had to be set up on my home WiFi I had to wait until I got back to the rig before I configured it.

Alexa Wand 2

And the setup was Easy Pesy, and only took a couple of minutes. I just had to install the 2 AAA batteries, go to the URL, press the button on the wand until it turns orange, tell it to connect to our rig’s WiFi, and about 30 seconds later it was done.

The Wand is magnetic so that it can be stuck to a cabinet, or using the stick-on hook, you can hang the wand with the loop on the end.

Otherwise it acts just like a full size Alexa except you have to press the button before you say, “Alexa.”

I’ll have more info as I fool with it.

The Word of the Day is:

Thought for the Day:

Old age is not as bad as I thought. It’s a good feeling when you just don’t give a damn anymore and you feel lucky just to wake up in the morning.


Feeling Better . . .

I woke up feeling better this morning, but the symptoms were exactly the same as what was bothering me last Thursday before our Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert.

I’ve done some Googling and I think I’ve got a line on  what the problem is, but I’m still researching it.

Looks like winter is here for a while. It hasn’t got out of the 40’s for the last three days and by Monday it’s going to be in the 20’s. Of course It’s -37° in Minnesota, and it’s colder in New Hampshire than it is in Siberia or Antarctica. So I guess we’re lucky.

About 3pm Jan and I headed up I-45 and out I-10 to Columbus to meet up for dinner with our friends Chris and Charles Yust at Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant. They were passing  through from Fort Myers, FL and eventually out to Quartzite, AZ later this month.

Los Cabos Chis and 'Charles Yust

Everyone had something different tonight, with Jan having the Pollo Relleno, with a chicken breast stuffed with shrimp, tomatoes, cilantro, and onions, and topped with butter wine sauce made of mushrooms, tomatoes, jalapeños and onions

Los Cabos Pollo Rellanos

Jan said it was delicious and her new favorite.

I had the Fajitas Mexicanas, fajita Beef, topped with marinated sauce made with onions, tomatoes, jalapeño, cilantro, and mushrooms.

Los Cabos Fajitas Mexicanas

Really good but I think I like the Fajitas Poblanos better for next time.

As is usual with our Chris and Charles get-togethers lasted about 3 hours before we headed back to Santa Fe  a little after 8pm, finally getting home about 10:15.

Going out to Columbus we made a pit stop at the Flying J in Brookshire and at the Buc-ee’s in Katy on our way home. I told Jan that when I was washing my hands in the Flying J restroom, I was moving my hands under the faucet, trying to get the water to turn on and mumbling how these things never work right.

Then I realized it was an old school faucet and actually had a handle. Oops!

The Headline of the Day:
  Holiday Family Dispute Ends With Ear Bitten Off.

Thought for the Day:

“Liberty can have nothing to fear from judges who apply the law. But liberty has everything to fear if judges try to legislate, too” – Alexander Hamilton


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