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It’s Still Missing . . .

So Yes, our new Azio Lighted Keyboard is still missing in action, nowhere to be found.

Several people, including our regular mailman, are trying to track it down. For some reason, even though it had a tracking number, they can’t figure out who mis-delivered it. I thought that what a tracking number was for. But I guess not.

Seems like whoever ended up with it liked it so much they didn’t call the PO to report it.  Hope they enjoy it . . . NOT!

On Monday I promised you a parts list for my 50 amp tester box bit somehow it got lost in the shuffle on yesterday’s blog. So here it is now.\

First off, here are the parts I got from Amazon:

50 Amp Power Cord

50 Amp RV Power Cord


Circuit Testers 

Circuit Testers


Digital AC Voltmeter

AC Voltmeter for 50 amp Tester


220VAC LED’s

220VAC LED lights


And these parts came from our local Lowe’s:

50 Amp Tester Box

Waterproof PVC 2 Gang Outlet Box

50 amp Connector

Southwire 3/4” Connector

50 amp Duplex AC Outlet

2 ea Duplex AC Outlets

50 Amp Wall Plate

Wall Plate

Be sure that your outlets and your cover plate holes match.
There are different types.

Let me know if you have any questions.

My 4 year old Interstate 6V deep cycle batteries are starting to get a little long in the tooth, so I’m looking at replacing them. But as you know by now I very often wander off the reservation and take things in a completely new direction.

Jan and I haven’t boondocked in years and probably won’t in the foreseeable future. We actually don’t have a big inverter, just a few small ones to run a couple of things while we’re traveling. And if we really need power we just start up the generator.

We really just need something that will handle the interior lights, which are mostly LED’s, for a few hour like during our power outage a week or so ago. So my thought is to not replace the expensive 6V deep cycle batteries with more of the some, but maybe something like this.

Deka 12 v battery

Deka 12V 1005 Amp Farm Equipment battery sold by Lowe’s. At $160 it’s the cost of just one of the four deep cycle batteries. And 1000 amps should probably handle our needs. The dimensions are slightly smaller than two of the deep cycle batteries, so fitting one in the space won’t be a problem. And if 1000 amps isn’t enough, I could just used two of them.

I’m still thinking it over so let me know your thoughts.

Tomorrow at 2pm Jan has some follow-up lab work at her doctor’s. She changed the dosage on Jan’s thyroid medication and so she want’s to see how things are doing.

Thought for the Day:  

When asked what you’re looking for in a relationship, ‘a way out’ is probably not the best answer.


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