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Never in the Right Place . . .

at the Right Time!

Yesterday, on I-70 in Indianapolis, IN, the back doors of a Brinks truck flew open and what seems to have been hundreds of thousand of dollars scattered across the highway.

Just our luck not to be in Indiana.

Several people have asked about the LED’s that I spec’d for my 50 amp tester design, and why 3 of them.

Well, I couldn’t buy just one, and besides they were only $5.48 for the trio. But more importantly, they fit perfectly in the existing hole in the box. And 220VAC LED’s aren’t all that available either. And you’ve got your pick of colors.

I updated my truck’s Garmin GPS a couple of days ago, somewhere around 2.6 GB is size. But I’m always disappointed that I have no idea what the updates are for. I mean, did I just spend 2 hours and 2.6 GB of date to update back alleys in Saskatchewan and dirt roads in Tijuana? At least give us a list of cities or states that are updated.

I made a few more reservations this morning for our upcoming June/July trip to Illinois and Alabama. The only one left is one for the Jackson MS area for our trip on the way to IL.

The only one I’ve found in the vicinity is about 10 miles south of Jackson, the Swinging Bridge RV Park in Byram. But I’m still looking before I make a final decision.

I’m also still looking at my possible battery upgrade using heavy-duty model made for farm equipment, this Deka 12V 1005 Amp Farm Equipment battery.

Deka 12 v battery

Someone asked me if the cables would match up since the Deka has its connections at one end. And the answer is probably not. But that’s not really a problem

Several years ago I had a battery cable break off at the connector due to vibration and was pointed to a nearby West Marine location. There you can cut your own lengths of the 00 gauge cable needed. They also have the solid copper connectors and the heavy-duty crimping equipment necessary to install the connectors.

Our mailman told us this afternoon that they have no idea where my missing keyboard is, so I ordered a new one. Now to figure out how to get reimbursed for the missing one.

Headline of the Day:
  Police Use Stun Gun On Man Attempting To Have Sex With Car

Thought for the Day:

Baby Octopus Parts.

Baby Octopus Parts

And you thought I was kidding.


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