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Business Is Booming . . .

I spent the morning and afternoon working on a couple of different things. First up I continued to sort through more stuff, separating things into ‘Stay In The Rig’ and ‘Go To The Storage Room’ piles.

Second were new knives to be posted on the KnivesByLaClaire.com website. Business is booming and they’ve sold all the knives presently on the site, so we’re restocking and adding a new line of knives made from USA blanks. So that’s going to keep me busy for a while.

Once I decided that I wasn’t going to be ready to take a load over to the storage room today, we drove over to Pho 20 to have dinner. As in the past, we started out by splitting the House Crunch Salad. Then Jan tried a new entry on the bill of fare, the Spicy Teriyaki Chicken, a hotter version of the regular one.

Pho 20 Spicy Chicken Teriakyi

Since I had my half of the salad, I lightened up with the White Chicken Meat Pho, but without the added veggies this time.

Pho 20 White Chicken Pho

And as in the past, the owner, Sherry, had left a present for us. She knows how much we both like Hot & Sour Soup, and although it’s not on the menu, she’ll make up a big batch and leave it in the freezer until we come in. Some good eating this weekend.

Now that I’ve got the last of the electronic parts in, I’ve come up with a way to mount the actuators on top of the valve bodies. I’m going to use U-Bolt clamps like these,

U-Bolt Clamps

to hold the actuators and stainless steel band clamps to secure everything to the valve body. At least that’s the plan, but we’ll see how it goes.

Our daughter Brandi looks to be having a really good time down in the Dominican Republic, along with her friend Chantelle.

Brandi and Chantelle at Punta Cana

From left to right, that’s Chantelle, Brandi, and a friend to be named later.

I did want post some of the artwork done by my niece Stahlie. Actually she’s my first cousin once removed, but according to the genealogy sites, she’s still called my ‘niece’.

Stahlie Artwork

Stahlie New Art

A very talented young lady.

Stahlie Calvin 2

And beautiful, too.

When he’s not playing hockey, Landon’s playing soccer, just like his mother did.

Landon Soccer 2018

Lowell sent over his soccer team photos for 2018.

Thought for the Day

Keep Walking Cat


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