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Just Like His Uncle Chris . . .

First off, On this Memorial Day, Jan and I want to thank our good friend Nick Russell for his service to our country.  And of course, all the other veterans as well.

Thank You Veterans

I spent most of the day slogging away on the knife website. We have over 50 new knives, and each photo has to be cropped to two different sizes, one for the regular display, and a larger size for the ‘Click To Enlarge” function. Then they have to be enhanced, sharpen, and in some cases, retouched.

Then each product block has to be assembled from six different pieces, and placed in position on the page. And it all has to line up.

Then the last thing I will do is go into PayPal and create each ‘Add To Cart’ button, and then each button’s code has to be inserted into the product block.


It’s not hard, just time-consuming. And after a while, my eyes get tired and I have to take a break.

Brandi, Lowell, and Landon are up in Oklahoma visiting Lowell’s parents there. Sonja, Landon’s other grandmother, posted this photo of Landon showing off his latest artwork, the cover of a book of student poetry. He’s now a published artist.

Landon's School Book Artwork

And here’s a closer view.

Landon's School Book Artwork2

And apparently this runs in the family. Landon’s Uncle Chris is also an excellent artist and when he was in elementary school, his sketch of the school building was selected to be on the cover of the school handbook. I guess it’s Like Uncle, Like Nephew.

As always seems to happen this time of year, some of our favorite TV shows start falling by the wayside, as in CANCELLED.

One long-time favorite of ours, Lucifer, which just wrapped up its 3rd season, was cancelled abruptly after being told they had been renewed. Because of this they had actually already filmed the first two episodes of Season 4.

There’s been a big outpouring of fan support hoping for another network to pick it up, as just happened with Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing. So we can always hope, I guess.

But at least we’re going to get to see those two Season 4 episodes which were shown tonight back to back. We DVR’d them and will watch them tomorrow.

The other show we lost was a new one, Deception, about a disgraced master magician and his identical twin brother, who help the FBI solve cases using magic tricks and illusions.

Although we haven’t watched the 2 hour finale yet, it’s said that it ends in a cliffhanger that changes everything we thought we knew about what was happening on the show.

@#$@&  I hate it when that happens.

Thought for the Day:

Ever stop to think and forget to start again?


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