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A Few Things . . .

I talked to my client today about clearing out some of the stuff stored in my office area so I can set up a workbench.

Right now I have a large desk,  but with two computers, two monitors, and two keyboards, one of which is the Webserver, and the other is my office computer,  that doesn’t leave a lot of work surface tor my new machine repair duties.

So I’ll get a couple of those folding-leg tables to set up as benches. Hopefully I’ll get that done in the next week or so.

My recent dryer repair, replacing the over-temp fuse, seems to be holding up, so tomorrow I’ll replace the retainer bar and put the doors back on. Hopefully this repair will last the same three years that the last one did.

I’m still at it with Duolingo, now at day 123 without missing a lesson. To keep my streak going, I have to do 2 or 3 lessons each day, totaling 30 points, but normally I do several more. I have noticed that I can now read signs in Spanish and the Spanish descriptions on the DirecTV guide much more readily, so I guess it’s working.

I saved myself $33/month today by calling Verizon and cancelling a couple of things. Last April 21st when we were in Las Vegas I upgraded from my Galaxy S5 to the brand-new S8+, getting it on the very first day it came out.. At the same time I also added a MiFi to my account to replace the 3G Aircard I had been using since 2007.

But since my Aircard was so reliable, and I know that a lot of people have had trouble with their MiFi’s, I kept the 3G card active. But I’ve never had any MiFi problems, so the Aircard has not been used since. So it’s now gone, saving me $20 per month.

In addition, when I bought the phone, the Otterbox case was not yet available, so I got the $13 per month insurance on it, though I’ve never killed a phone. My thinking was that once I had a good case I would cancel the insurance.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

Of course all those good intentions fell through the cracks until today, but since my account starts over tomorrow, I’m good to go.

The Headline of the Day:
  Woman’s Runny Nose Was Actually Leaking Brain Fluid.

Thought for the Day:

As Yogi Berra said, go to people’s funerals otherwise they won’t come to yours.


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