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Well, That’s Better . . .

My main job at work today was to get a Wyze camera set up to monitor the parking lot and send an alert if anyone comes onto the property.

About a week ago we had some vandalism on several cars that were parked in the lot overnight.

Wyze Camera

So we ordered one of the new Wyze Version 2 cameras to install on the front of the office.

Here’s what the picture looks like on SD (Standard Definition).

Wyze Camera Daytime

It looks even better in HD but of course the frame rate slows down.

And here’s what it looks like at night with the only light the ones you see in the distance.

Wyze Camera Night Time

The software lets us draw a box around the area where we want to detect motion. That way we won’t pick up cars going by on the street. And since we’re not worried about vandals in the daytime, I can also set the motion detection to only turn on between certain hours, like in our case, between 8pm and 8am. Pretty neat.

I also got one for the rig when we’re gone. And besides keeping an eye on Karma, it can also be set to pick up smoke alarm sounds and CO alarm sounds. Again, neat.

My new project box came in today and it looks like it’s going to be perfect for my remote dump valves setup

Dump Box

I already mounted the two phone jacks on the cover and then I’ll stick the controllers inside using double-stick tape. I’m also going to install a couple of DPDI switches and a couple of push buttons. That will let me control the system manually from the bay.

Looks like I’ll be able to get power for the system from the water pump circuit right in the water bay. Of course that means that I’ll have to turn the pump on to dump, but that’s not a problem.

This morning I posted a question concerning the Deluxe Screw Assortment asking if they sold empty trays.

“Greg, We do not sell empty trays yet, but we are always open to suggestions from customers. I will discuss this request with our development team.
Steve – VP of Customer Happiness Jackson Palmer”

You’ve got to love a company that has a VP of Customer Happiness.

Thought for the Day: 

If I say, “First of All”, run away, because I’ve prepared charts, graphs, and diagrams, and I will bury you.


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