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Mother’s Day Memories . . .

I’ve mentioned before that my mother was an Army Nurse during WWII. Her first command as a Captain in the Army Nurse Corp was at Fort Benning, GA, where she was Chief of Nursing while George Patton was there.

When Patton left for California to set the Desert Training Center for the Tank Corps, my mother, now Major White, was transferred to West Point where she spent the rest of the war, again as Chief of Nursing.


In August 1945, she and her nurses were on the train heading for New Orleans where they were to board a hospital ship heading for the coast of Japan to prepare for the coming invasion of the Japanese mainland. Then Hiroshima happened and they were turned back around

Mother in the Army

So it’s a good possibility that I’m only here because of the atomic bomb.

My father, on the other hand, a police detective in civilian life before he enlisted, spent the war in the Navy Shore Patrol, stationed in Chicago guarding the Navy Pier installation. He always said that he figured he did his part because “no Japs ever made it past Chicago.”

And  then there’s a couple of the other mothers in my life, our daughter Brandi, and of course, my wife Jan.

Jan and Brandi 1975

Both here in one photo.

Jan and I headed out a little after 9am, on our way up to Katy,to meet up with our daughter Brandi, and her family. Then it was off to Anthonie’s Market Grill in nearby Simonton for a Mother’s Day get-together.

We’ve never eaten there before, but Brandi and Lowell had heard a lot of good things about it, and the reviews are great.


We were also meeting up with Brandi and Lowell’s friend’s Eric and Chantelle Nugent, and their son, Maddox.

Anthonie's Mother's Dey Group

Unfortunately Landon had wondered off.

And luckily for us, the reviews, if anything, were understated. The food was fantastic.

I started off with one of their House Specialty Bloody Mary’s.

Anthonies Bloody Mary

Made with Spicy V-8, as well as some added heat, it was great. I’m not sure what they used to heat it up, but it wasn’t the Tabasco Sauce that many places use, because I can taste that. But it was much hotter than standard Spicy V-8 juice.

Jan had the 1/2 Flame-Kissed Rotisserie Chicken  with the Grilled Asparagus.

Anthonie's Jan's Chicken

I really like Wedge Salads, and I’d heard Anthonie’s had a great one. So I got the Wedge Salad with Grilled Chicken.

Anthonie's Greg's Wedge Salad

Brandi and Lowell both got the Ribeye, Brandi’s with their Creamy Spinach Stuffed Grilled Tomato. Brandi gave me a couple of bites, and this was a really good piece of meat.

Anthonie's Brandi's Steak

One of the things that make Anthonie’s so good is that, despite the high-quality of the food, the prices are on the level of a Longhorn or Saltgrass Steakhouse. Not bad at all.

Hopefully we’ll get to go back soon.

On a side note, Brandi and Chantelle are leaving tomorrow morning for the Dominican Republic and the Punta Cana resort area. Chantelle is a travel agent and is always winning sales contests for free trips, resort stays, etc.

So she and Brandi get to spend an all-expenses paid 5 day stay at an all-inclusive resort there. Nice!

After that great meal, Lowell, Landon, and I drove back to their house, while Jan and Brandi headed out to get Mother’s Day Mani-Pedi’s. So they came home with pretty toes, and Lowell and I got to nap.

So a good time was had by all.

We headed home about 3pm, with a detour by our new storage room. We had brought a loaded bin and some other things to drop off, and also finally install our combo lock on the door.

I was happy to see that no one stole our stuff before we got it locked up

Thought for the Day: 

Sometimes holding in all this sarcasm physically hurts. And you’re not helping.


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