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Three Weeks From Today . . .

And We Can’t Wait.

I spent the morning wrapping up some coding on both websites, but I’ve gone about as far as I can until I get the new content back from the clients.

So now it’s just hurry up and wait.

After yesterday’s blog several people asked about the problems we had with our Progressive EMS (Electrical Management System) while we were at the Anvil Campground about 5 miles from Colonial Williamsburg.

As it turned out the power problem at the park had blown a board in the EMS. I put in a call to Progressive and he told me how to bypass it so we once again had power into the coach, and said he’d get a new board in the mail to me on Monday. Pretty good since this was July 3rd, and of course, the holiday weekend.

Long-time friend John Huggins, of LivingTheRVDream.com fame, wanted to know if I had given up on my remote dump valve project, since I hadn’t mentioned it in a while.

I told him that No I hadn’t.  It just got pushed down in the stack a little bit due to my trying to get the two new websites up and running, get stuff moved to the storage room, being really busy at my client’s, AND getting prepped for our trip.

In fact, as I mentioned before, I already have my next project in the planning stages. But I’ll save it for later.

Friend and blog reader Boots Gibson commented on Landon’s artwork for a class poetry project. She said she has a friend who helped her 8 year old son write and publish an Amazon book about ‘farts’, yes, ‘farts’.  The book was a best-seller, and now at age 11, his college is fully paid for from the sales of the book.

Farts, who knew. So what bodily function can Landon write about?

Three weeks from today, June 21st,  we’ll be back on the road for the first time in months. We’re heading up to Illinois to get together for a family reunion with Jan’s sister, Debbie and her family. Brandi, Lowell, and Landon will be there too, but unfortunately Chris and Linda will be moving  up to Kingsland, and Miss Piper has to work.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

Then coming home, we’ll make a stopover for a few days in Athens, AL to visit with my relatives, before finally getting back to Santa Fe on the 9th of July.

We’re really looking forward to it.

Thought for the Day:

Some days I have to just keep reminding myself that I’m an adult and will be charged as one.


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