No Longer Virgins . . .

Charlee put us in her duplex condo, so after coffee and a relaxing morning, we headed back to the house. Later after Jan and Charlee spent some more time talking over recipes and cooking,  Charlee, Monica, Jan, and I drove over to the nearby Deli Inn Diner for breakfast/lunch.

Deli Inn

One of those ‘hole in the wall’ places that’s mostly frequented by locals, Deli Inn proved to be a real find . . . at least for us. Charlee et. al eat there all the time, so much so that everyone greets them by name.

Jan had her first Cuban Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries. Made with ham, pork, cheese, mustard, and pickles, layered on bread which is then pressed and grilled.

Deli Inn Cuban Sandwich

Jan says she has a new favorite sandwich.

Being also a breakfast place, I had my two eggs over medium and bacon, with the addition of French Toast.

Deli Inn Eggs

Really good, especially the bacon and the French Toast.

Great coffee, too.

Then toward the end of our meal, there was a gathering of waitresses around our table, chanting, “Vir-gins, vir-gins, Deli Inn Vir-gins” several times before giving us a couple of their enormous home-made muffins. And then squirting us with squirt guns!

So Jan and I are no longer virgins, especially  the Deli Inn kind.

After that delicious meal, Charlee took us on a tour of all the hotels, mansions and estates in West Palm Beach area, including The Breakers, Mar-A-Lago. and many others, as well as the beautiful, blue Atlantic Ocean

West Palm Beach Atlantic Ocean

When we were through here in 2009 we checked the price of the renown Sunday Brunch at The Breakers, and found it was about $80. Ouch! There is just no way either of us could eat $80 worth of food.

And in the intervening 10 years, it’s gotten worse, much worse. The Sunday Brunch is now $120. Bigger Ouch!

But it’s a real deal for your children 3 through 11. They’re only $50.

Back at their house, Charlee copied off a bunch of recipes for Jan, before we headed back to Mims about 2;30, getting home about 5:30.

Karma was certainly glad to see us.

Thought for the Day:

Deja Poo: That feeling that you’ve heard all this crap before.


2 Responses to No Longer Virgins . . .

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Lovely to hear of all the fun you and your friends are having…all those yummy meals too!!

  2. Tricia Eagle says:

    I am glad to know that I am not the only person that if you want cooked whites & runny yolks, you order it over medium. Most people just order over easy.

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