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Pretty Much Caught Up . . .

We’re just about caught up with the orders at work, almost finished with the website orders that came in last night and this morning. And that includes processing the credit cards as we ship.

I’ll wrap those up tomorrow morning, plus any new ones that come in overnight. Then I’ll get on the phone and call the few people with denied cards. And strangely enough I have two cards that when I input the charge, it says the card has expired, even though one of them has a 7/20 expiration date, and the other is 10/23. So I’ll have to call on those too.

But what I’m able to do with the new orders is debatable, since I’ll be the only one at the office tomorrow and Friday. Jennifer is still out until Monday, and Dr. Heimlich will be at a conference the next two days.

So we’ll see how that goes.

Besides a couple of External Hard Drives for work, my big contribution to Amazon’s Prime Day profits was this TACKLIFE 7-1/2 “ circular saw.

Circular Saw

A great deal at only $19.95, since the normal price is $53.

I got this comment on the blog yesterday that didn’t get posted because I have to approve every post the first time.


When I asked Jan if  I could click on the photo link, she said, “Go ahead. I dare you.”.

I’m not quite sure how she meant that.

Thought for the Day: 

If you can’t be happy with inexpensive things you’ll never be happy with all the expensive stuff.


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