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All Alone Am I . . .

Well, not completely, Karma’s hanging around too.

Jan and I headed for Katy about 1:30 with our first stop the El Pollo Loco just off I-10 south on Mason Rd. Jan wanted to stock on a couple of their 2 Piece White Meat Chicken Meals with Pinto Beads and Side Salads.

Then it was a little further south on Mason to the HEB for more Pet-Sitting survival supplies. For my part, I was happy to encounter the sales guy for the our favorite Lola Savannah coffee.

Told him that our HEB at I-45 and FM646 no longer stocked their coffee, and we had to go to another location to pick it up. He noted the address and said he’d check it out, since all HEB are contracted to carry it.

He also told me that they’re introducing some new flavors, and gave me a 1# bag of one of them, Cinnamon Stick. Since all their coffees are only sold as Whole Bean I went ahead and ground it up right there. And the smell was just fantastic.

Like their Texas Pecan has big chunks of pecans in it, the Cinnamon Stick has large pieces of cinnamon bark in it that get ground up along with the coffee.

We got to Brandi’s about 3:45, and after I got all her stuff unloaded, I got her laptop and Kindles logged in the house WiFi, and her device charger hooked up to keep her phone and Kindles topped off with juice.

A little later, after Lowell and Landon showed up, we drove over to have dinner once again at Astor Farm to Grill. Our first visit was when we were on the way from our Waco trip about a month ago after getting together with our long-time friend’s Bill and Carol Alverson, and Bill’s cousin June.

Jan got the same thing this time as last, the Lemon Chicken Breast with a side salad,

Astor Lemon Chicken Breast2

I went with something new, the Monster Pork Chop with Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Squash. as well as their homemade BBQ Sauce made with Macallan Whiskey.

Astor Pork Chop

Delicious, and the first time I’ve ever gotten a little buzz from a pork chop.

Back at Brandi’s I killed a little time to let the traffic die down, finally getting back to the rig about 8:30, about 15 minutes late due to road construction at FM517 where I normally get off I-45.

Tomorrow I start hitting my chore list.

Oh Boy!

I mentioned that Brandi, et. all, are going to Costa Rica for a week, leaving tomorrow afternoon. Which is why Jan is pet-sitting.

But this afternoon we finally got a look at where they’re staying. And all I can say is WOW!   This place is fantastic!

It’s the Manuel Antonio 10 Bedroom Villa.

Escape Villsa Costa Rica 1

Escape Villsa Costa Rica 2

Escape Villsa Costa Rica 3

There are a total of 17 people going down so so they’ll need the room.

And it comes complete with a chef and a sous chef. And just about anything else you can think of.

Click on the link above for all the amenities and more photos.

Landon’s looking forward to all the monkeys that will come to the porch to get  treats.

Thought for the Day: 

“I am not entirely on anyone’s side, because no one is entirely on mine.” – J. R. R. Tolkien


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