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Thanks, Nicky . . .

Back on my repair list, I spent the morning looking at my dead bedroom ceiling lights. As it turns out the two ceiling fixtures are the only ones left in the rig still using the original fluorescent bulbs. All the rest have been updated with these 12 volt LED strip lights.

LED Replacement Lights 1

They put out slightly more light than the fluorescent tubes, at 30,000 hours they last longer, and at $10 for 6, they’re a lot cheaper.

In this case, since both fixtures were dead I figured it was the power feeding them, so I first checked the fuse, again. I had checked before, but I wanted to start from scratch again.

With the fuse good, I next checked the wall switch, thinking it was now likely, but I had 12 volts entering and leaving the switch. So I pulled the cover off one of the fixtures, and had 12 volts there. And 12 volts at the other one too.


I knew that both sets of bulbs were on their last legs, and it looks like they all gave up at the same time. I’ve got some more LED strips packed away so I’ll dig them out and put them in place.

LED Strip Light Upgrade 4

About 2pm I made a trip over to our storeroom, with a detour by Yummy Yummy’s for lunch, to see if I had pulled the dryer blower motor from Nick Russell’s old Splendide before he junked it.  And I had.

Washer Dryer Blower Motor - New

It almost looks like it’s brand new. I’ll pull the washer back out tomorrow and put it in place.

Thanks, Nicky!

Since Nick posted about the Wigwam Hotel in Holbrook, AZ, I thought I’d post a link to one of our visits to that area in 2011, while we were traveling with Nick and Terry.

WigWams and Pie

My family and I stayed there in 1963 on a trip out west after we moved back from South America. Nice memories.

Thought for the Day:

If you ‘let it ride’ long enough, you are going to leave the table busted.


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