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My Punishment Continues . . .

I mentioned yesterday that I had gone into work on my off-day. Jennifer , our office manager has been out with the flu since noon last Friday, and the orders, both call-in and website, were piling up.

So Dr. Heimlich and I jumped in and starting processing them. He would pull the products and I was packing them for shipment. Normally, unless it’s an International shipment, we used either USPS or UPS, and have online apps to do this.

If they’ve ordered from us before, they’re in the system’s address book, so I just have to select the recipient, box up the order, put it on the scale, print the label, slap it on the box, and toss it in the outbox.

Probably 80% of our orders will fit in a Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box which simplifies everything. But we do have bigger, heavier orders that have to go via UPS.

We had pumped out about 25 orders when Dr. Heimlich called Jennifer to ask a question about where a certain product was stocked. But when he told her that we were doing orders, she was certain that we were doing it wrong, and to stop until she came back today. So we stopped.

Don’t mess with Jennifer.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

But when she didn’t show up this morning we called and found out that she had been hospitalized and didn’t know when she’d be back. So It’s back to doing orders.

And I’ll be doing them tomorrow, and probably Sunday too, still trying to catch up.

No rest for the wicked, or weary, or both.

I used my new TENS last night, and it worked great. Much stronger. But the 9 volt battery that was supposed to last about 20 hours, lasted about 3 hours before the output weakened.

Glad I’ve got the 9 volt eliminator ordered.

For dinner tonight it was our regular Friday night visit at Los Ramirez Mexican.Delicious as always.

Thought for the Day: 

If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.


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