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Just As Funny Now . . .

We’re caught with all the orders except for ones waiting on product to come in. We were supposed to have a big shipment of electrolysis needles this morning but they didn’t show up. Hopefully tomorrow.

Next Prime Day I guess I need to look through the ads a little more closely. Apparently there were some pricing ‘errors’ listing a bunch of very expensive cameras and accessories.


Like a $13,000 lens for $94.48. You can see how it’s back at $13,000 on Amazon – Canon Telephoto Lens

You can read more about all the deals here on the PetaPixel website. It seems like some people were just stuffing their cart full as fast as they could until the deals were shut down.

For my part I’m not exactly sure that these are mistakes, especially since they seemed to only occur in the Camera area. Seems like they would be randomly scattered around the product lines.

No, I suspect this is a marketing ploy by Amazon to hype Prime Day sales, getting people to scramble through the site looking for other ‘mistakes’, and of course, coming across other ‘deals’ they just have to have.

A couple of days ago we came across the very first episode of the Beverly Hillbillies on BEST, channel 268 on DirecTV. And it’s just as funny now as it was in 1962. You just couldn’t help laughing.

Beverly Hillbillies

When the Clampett’s drove into our living rooms in their 1921 Oldsmobile, they were pretty much hated by the critics, who said it was “strained and unfunny.” and “painful to sit through.” But the public went head over heels for it.

By the sixth episode it was the number one TV show in the country and mostly stayed that way for the next 10 years. And two episodes from1964 are listed as the 2nd and 4th most watched episodes of the entire decade. And the 2nd one, “The Giant Jackrabbit”, about an escaped kangaroo of course, is ranked as one most watched half hour episodes ever on TV.

Even the theme song ended up as a No. 1 hit.

But the show, still in the top five, was canceled when “The Great Rural Purge” swept through CBS in 1971, ending shows such as “Green Acres, Mayberry R.F.D., Lassie, Hogan’s Heroes and The Jim Nabors Hour.” as well as Beverly Hillbillies.

Many of which were still in the top ten show list.

The reason given was that advertisers wanted more hip, sophisticated shows like MASH and Mary Tyler Moore. Of course you would think that if that were true, the public wouldn’t have been watching them.

But the inside scoop in the industry was a little different. As the story goes, the wife of the president of CBS hated the fact that her elitist friends teased her about her husband’s ‘Countrified’ network. So she demanded that he get rid of all of those ‘hick’ shows and put on something more ‘cultured and refined’.

Ahhh. What somebody will do for true love. Or at least to get his wife to stop nagging him.

And the cancellation of the Hillbillies didn’t seen to stow Buddy Ebsen down at all, since he was right back on the air in 1972, starring as Barnaby Jones.

Thought for the Day: 

If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.


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