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Catching A Snooze . . .

Well, the brakes didn’t get done, and for a good reason. I really didn’t want to. But the excuse I’m going with was that Jan had a lot of stuff she wanted to do this afternoon and I didn’t want to have a problem and mess up what she wanted to do.

And I really didn’t want to.

So we headed out a little after 1pm with our first stop at SnoozeAM for a late breakfast. While Jan went with her usual Bravocado Toast,

Snooze Bravocado Toast

I detoured from my usual 3 eggs, 3 bacon, English Muffin, and Fruit and went with the Shrimp & Grits.

Snooze Shrimp & Grits

And fruit.

Then it was on over to the nearby HEB for a refill on our favorite Lola Savannah coffees, their Texas Pecan and Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan. It only comes in Whole Bean and it’s easy to see that it’s really ‘Pecan’ since there are pieces of pecan right in with the beans.

HEB Lola Savannah Texas Pecan Coffee

And the cashiers at the checkout always comments on how good it smells.

Then it was on to WalMart for some more stocking up for her upcoming pet-sitting job up at Brandi’s starting this coming Thursday.

Done there we drove over to her favorite nail place to get her tootsies done, before we headed home about 5pm.

I recently saw another T-Shirt I just had to have.

Abby Normal T-Shirt

For some reason Jan says it’s typecasting.

Now that’s just mean.

Probably true. But still just mean.

But the T-Shirt I get the most comments on from people is this one.

I Am Old For Good Reason

Some people think it’s from Game of Thrones, but having never watched GoT, I don’t know.

Thought for the Day: 

It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it. — Douglas MacArthur


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