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I Got It Out, But . . .

This evening after we got back from our Denny’s dinner/HEB run, I changed clothes and went back outside to try to get the one remaining spark plug replaced.

I was hoping that with the engine hot, I might have a better chance due to the engine block expanding slightly from the heat. And it worked.

But it wasn’t easy. All the plugs came out with no problem once I broke them free, but I had to fight this one all the way. And once I got it out it was easy to see what the problem was

The bottom three or four threads were pretty much worn off but threads above that were fine. Plus unlike all the other plugs which were a dry light chocolate brown, this plug was slightly wet and oily and blackish.

But even stranger, this is not the plug that the engine computer says was the problem, but the one right next to it. So now we’ll see how it runs.

I still plan on doing the rear brakes on Tuesday and it’s actually supposed to be a little cooler then which will be nice.

I’ve finally got back to working on the next couple of installments on our Europe trip, Cologne, Germany and Kinderdijk, The Netherlands, the last two stops on our cruise before we finish up in Amsterdam. So stay tuned.

This weekend NASA used the Washington Monument as a screen for the projection of the Apollo 11 Saturn V launch.

Washington Monument = Saturn 5

You can see the entire 24 minute video at the link above.

Thought for the Day: 

When the strong man, fully armed, guards his own dwelling, his goods are safe. -Luke 11:21


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