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Let There Be Light . . .

Last Wednesday I sent my Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera back to the Service Center in McAllen, TX to have it repaired under warranty. According to the USPS tracking they received it on Friday, and this afternoon I got an email from them saying my camera was under repair and should be on its way back to me soon.

Great Service.

My new LED light strips came in today so this evening it only took about 10 minutes to put them in place and pop the covers back on.

New Bedroom LED Lights

If you want a little more info on the conversion, you can read about here from 2015.

Cooking For Christmas

You can even replace the bigger tubes like the ones in our living room by using a total of 6 lights, 3 on each side. Works great for that too.

Tomorrow’s agenda is kind of up in the air, as in whether or not rain will fall out of it. There’s a 60% chance, so I don’t really want to get half way through the rear brake job and have the bottom drop out. So I’ll see how it looks in the morning.

I do have inside stuff I can work on just in case.

Every time I think of the title of tonight’s blog, a reference of course to repairing the lights in the bedroom, I always think of a short story written by Isaac Asimov back in 1956. A story that when I first read it in about 1958, started my love of science fiction that continues to this day.

In a back room of the tiny Foley, AL public library, I discovered an entire room of science fiction magazines, like Astounding Stories, Amazing Stories, and Future Fiction.

Somebody had donated their entire collection, and not knowing what to do with them, they just stuck them in a room in the back.

Magazines covers with robots, spaceships, alien monsters and more.

Astounding 1  Astounding 2

At that time I was about 10, so the coverss with scantily-clad buxom blondes being menaced by the hideous space creatures didn’t catch my attention until a couple of years later.

Astounding 3   Astounding 4

But catch my attention they did.

But this story, The Last Question, is what cemented my love of the genre, stories that could make you think, wonder, and imagine. Stories that hold you until the very last two sentences.

Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Thought for the Day:

If it’s stupid, but it works, it ain’t stupid.



It’s Drying Time Again . . .

After I got coffeenated this morning, I pulled the washer back out  and popped the top lid. I had figured it would be quick and easy replacement/fix, but it turned out to be a little more involved. Much like most repairs.

Washer Dryer Blower Motor - New

I inserted the motor/squirrel cage fan assembly down into the housing and tightened it down using the 3 screws. Then turning on the power, I started the dryer.

And nothing.

Well, the drum started turning, but the fan motor didn’t. And when I tried to turn it by  hand it wouldn’t budge.

Well, it was working when I installed it.

So I loosen the mounting screws and tried it again. And it would now turn, but it was scraping inside. A couple of more turns and it was spinning free.

So I removed the assembly and compared it with the old one. And despite having the same part #, the new one was slightly deeper than the old one, so the fan was rubbing against the inside of the housing.

But a couple of shims took care that problem.

Cranking it up again and letting it marinated for a few minutes, I felt the washer door and it was hot. But before I buttoned it up, I went ahead and replaced the Thermal Overheat Fuse since they usually only last a couple of years.

Ten minutes later it was all back together, back in the cabinet, and doing a load.]

It’s Drying Time Again.

Jan will be happy.

Lowell has been sending over some photos of the great time they’re having down in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Trip 1


Costa Rica Trip 2 H

Looks like Landon has the right idea.

Costa Rica Trip 3


Costa Rica Trip 4


Costa Rica Trip 5


Costa Rica Trip 6


Thought for the Day: 




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