Spudding . . .

Well, another bump up in the vehicle count today, with a total of 233. I think a lot of the increase was due to the ‘Spud’ meeting at the new rig across from us. And no, it didn’t have any thing to do with potatoes.

‘Spud In’ or ‘Spudding’ is the term for when the drill bit first touches the ground and they start drilling. So I guess they’re getting close, though as of 1am Wednesday morning, they still haven’t started yet.

This is what we have now.

Rig 9-9

We did have an interesting situation with the cattle guard gate that we guard. The big, heavy rigs coming over it, broke it. And I mean just about in half.

A couple of days ago, as a rig was crossing it, I heard a loud crack. And after the rig was gone, I checked it out. This is what I found.

Broken Cattle Guard 1

Broken Cattle Guard 2

It was just about cracked in half, with only the support beams holding it together. Then then last night a rig came through and dropped about 6 inches as it crossed the cattle guard. I told the driver he might want to say something to them about it. So this morning someone finally came out to look at it, and it was an ‘Oh Crap’ moment.

And after a lot of heming and hawing about how long the gate would have to be shut down, 3 hours, 30 minutes, 2 hours, etc., they shut it down at a few minutes after 2pm and really went to work.

They first ripped the old guard out of the ground and set it aside.

 Cattle Guard Repair 1

Next came the wooden support beams.

 Cattle Guard Repair 2

Then after digging it out, they laid in new concrete beams.

 Cattle Guard Repair 3

And then the new, larger, stronger cattle guard.

 Cattle Guard Repair 4

And they had the gate back open in less than an hour. Fast work.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll make our first grocery run over to the Wal-Mart/Sam’s in Bryan/College Station. about 18 miles away. The Wal-Mart in Madisonville is 3 miles closer, but it’s not a Supercenter. And there’s not a Sam’s there either.

But there is a Bucee’s. Decisions, decisions.


Thought for the Day:

“The right to buy weapons is the right to be free.” A. E. van Vogt



3 Responses to Spudding . . .

  1. Jan Mains -- billandjanrvingtheusa.blogspot.com says:

    It a shame the road crews up in this area can’t take lessons from them.

  2. Tricia says:

    Don’t you just hate those “oh crap” moments? With my job, it just goes with the territory sometimes.

  3. Janna says:

    I don’t think Mike could install a cattle guard in a hour but then he only has me to help! :))

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