AJ and Santa Fe . . .

Jan and I were up about 6:30 this morning, getting ready to move up to Apache Junction, and the Santa Fe RV Park. Although we weren’t leaving until 10-10:30, and I’d already stored the water and sewer hoses, and packed other stuff away, we were up this early so we could meet our friend’s Al & Adrienne for breakfast at the Voyager Grill.

We’d asked Nick and Terry to join us, but Nick said he never does breakfast before noon.

Al & Adrienne

The couple of other times we’ve eaten here, it’s been very good, and this morning was no exception. Plus we got to spend a lot more time with Al & Adrienne. But finally it was time to get on the road.

We pulled out of our site a little before 10am, and hooked up the toad in a special lane set up near the park exit. Then a couple of miles down the road we stopped off at the Pilot/Flying J for diesel. And I was happy to see a $2.60 a gallon price, too.

I again really appreciated our Good Sam Pilot RV Plus Card because it gave us 7 cents a gallon off the Cash Price. Why anybody who RV’s doesn’t have this card, I don’t know?

Pilot Plus Card Prices

Note the difference in the prices between the Good Sam’s Loyalty Card and RV Plus Card. 3 cents a gallon vs. the 7 cents a gallon I got today. And the regular Pilot MyRewards that a lot of RV’ers have, only gives the same 3 cents. And the RV Plus card doesn’t cost anything. Just apply.

Back on the road, with Nick and Terry leading the way, we took the back way up to Apache Junction, using SR77 and SR79 as our route. Much more scenic than the Interstate. We had some traffic before we left the outskirts of Tucson, but it wasn’t bad. Then it was just miles and miles of saguaros and chollas.

We pulled into the Santa Fe RV Park around 2pm and got set up, as did Nick and Terry. They’ll be staying here for a month, while we’ll only be here for three days before we move a few miles away to the Countryside RV Resort, an Encore park, where we’ll stay for another 2 weeks before heading up to Verde Valley.

Later, we met Nick, Terry, and Terry’s parent’s, Bess and Pete, at the #1 Eastern Chinese Buffet off of Signal Butte. We’ve eaten here several times and it’s always really good. The place stays so busy that the food doesn’t stay on the steam tables very long before it’s replaced. And they have a very wide selection, too. So hopefully we’ll have a chance to eat here again.

Don’t know that we have anything really scheduled for tomorrow, so I’ll probably work on a couple of projects.

Thought for the Day:

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke.


7 Responses to AJ and Santa Fe . . .

  1. Jan Mains--billandjanrvingtheusa.blogspot.com says:

    Say “hello” to the Dixon’s who stay there.

  2. Leonard Coffelt says:

    You caused me to order the Good Sam Credit Card. Before getting our 2006 Winnebago Tour we pulled a Big Hore 5th Wheel with a Chevy Silverado 2500. And, I noticed that when I was driving around a number of Pilot/Flying J stations last summer when we were traveling Oregon and many western states, we could get diesel for 8 to 10 cents less at local service stations nearby the Pilot/Flying J stations. Now that we will be driving a 40 foot motorhome, we won’t be wondering around the country side to buy diesel fuel, like we were when we were driving the Chevy pickup. So, I found your suggestion to be right on target.

  3. Leonard Coffelt says:

    Woops!! I think I misspelled “Horn” in my previous comment?

  4. Charley Dickson says:

    Greg, I was surprised to see on your blog today a picture of Al and Adrienne, two of the good folks that worked with Katie and I at Amazon in Fernley, Nv this last holiday season. Glad to see that they’re doing well still. It was good hearing your seminar on Gate Guarding at the Escapade as well, and I’m thinking that your words have swayed me not to do it. Just don’t think that it’s gonna be as much fun as I thought it might be. Having said that, I still wish the folks that do it as much fun as possible.

    • gregwhite says:


      It’s really a small world in the RV life. We’ve known Al and Adrienne since 2008 when we met in Alaska, and try to get together whenever we’re in their area.

      Glad you enjoyed the seminar.


  5. Rod Ivers says:

    I live two miles South of the Chinese buffet on Signal Butte… It would be fun to meet you while you are in the area…. Rivers63386@gmail.com

    If you don’t have time I understand…. Jim and Sandie Dixon live there in the Santa fe park…. So I am familiar with the layout… Rod

    • gregwhite says:


      We’ll try to give you a call after we get moved over to Countryside tomorrow.

      Hopefully we’ll be able to work something out.


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