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We Have Neighbors . . .

After a morning of doing totally nothing (very nice) we headed out about 3pm for an afternoon of shopping and dining. Well, more like Sam’s/Wal-Mart and Chinese.

As we were getting in the truck to leave, the Service Manager stopped by to let us know that everything’s waiting on the insurance end before they can proceed. Hopefully that will get resolved quickly.

Our first stop was at the local Sam’s Club, mostly for prescriptions, which turned out to be kind of a bust, since they only had 3 of the 6 ready. So we’ll have to come back tomorrow. Figure I’ll also fill up when we come back since Sam’s is pretty much the cheapest gas around. In fact we plan on filling up with diesel there on our way out of town. Whenever that is.

Then it was back over this way to have dinner at Beijing Garden, one of only a few Chinese places in the area, and the one with the best ratings on Yelp.

Like many places, Beijing Garden’s ratings seem to range from 1 star to 4 or 5 stars, with not a lot in between.

Beijing Garden is in a nondescript location in a Safeway shopping center, but we weren’t discouraged since some of our favorite places are in locations like this.

Beijing Garden 3

The inside, however, is light and airy, and nicely decorated. Someone has a real sense of style.

Beijing Garden 1

After looking over the menu, we both decided on the same dish, the Orange Peel Spicy Crispy Chicken Dinner.

Beijing Garden 2

With the meal, we got Hot and Sour Soup, an Egg Roll, 2 Crab Puffs, and Hot Tea. A great deal for only $11.95 each. And it was all really good. And such a large portion that we didn’t even have room to split a Green Tea Ice Cream as we had planned.

One thing we noticed is how many regulars came in while we there. The hostess seem to know them all by name, always a good sign.

A great place. We’ll go back.

Then it was right next door to Wal-Mart for some supplies. After all it’s not a complete week if we don’t go to Wal-Mart. Finally coming back to the rig, we made quick stop at the Fry’s across the street for a couple of things we didn’t find at Wal-Mart.

Silence the doubters! Put your big idea online! $.99 .Com Domains from GoDaddy!

We apparently now have neighbors here at the Affinity RV Park. They have a 2015 Jayco Precept, a small Class A. I was at the service desk while they were checking in and heard the wife say that “Nothing worked.” They’re parked at the other end of the row from us, so maybe we’ll stop off and introduce ourselves tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.  – Author Unknown


Hurry Up and Wait . . .

. . . seems to be the mode we’re now in. I talked to the Service Manager this morning (he was off last Thursday and Friday) to try and get an idea on what was going on with things.

Silence the doubters! Put your big idea online! $.99 .Com Domains from GoDaddy!

I mentioned that I was told Friday  they were having trouble finding a replacement airbag, but he didn’t know of any problem. Just to be sure, I had called Spartan this morning and got the price and part numbers and gave them to him. Spartan has them in stock and ready to ship.

He said that the real slowdown was dealing with the insurance company and getting things approved. But that’s the first I’ve heard of that problem.

A little after 11am we headed out for Taco Don’s. Blog readers Jim and Zee Hamm had invited us to have lunch with them, saying that it’s one of their favorite places.

Jim and Zee Hamm

And it’s now one of ours.

Jan said her Two Chile Rellanos Combo was delicious and perfectly done.

Taco Don's 2

I could certainly agree with her on the Chile Rellano since I had the Chile Rellano and Tamale Combo.

Taco Don's 1

Also very good.

Hopefully we’ll have a chance to go back again.

Jan and I had a great time getting to know Zee and Jim, spending most of our time talking about our favorite authors and books, and comparing booklists. Finally parting company, we talked about getting together for brunch at Cowgirl in the Kitchen, a place that we all like, as it turns out. Hopefully we’ll be able to make it happen.

BTW Jim is the one that suggested that, since we talk so much about the places we eat, we should change our blog slogan from “We wish you could see what we see” to “Eating Our Way Across The USA.” That works for us.

On our way to lunch, we had passed a large True Value Hardware, so coming home we stopped to check it out.

This is maybe the biggest  True Value I’ve seen, the size of a grocery store. And it had everything. I was looking for a screw extractor, and Jan was just looking.

When they repaired the shredded wiring on our coach while we were gone to Illinois, they said that the grab bar light wasn’t working. I knew it was working before the blowout because I leave it on all the time. So I figured it was the blub.

But when I tried to take the handle apart to check the bulb, the top screw would’t budge. I sprayed some penetrating oil on it and left if overnight. But it still wouldn’t turn and the screw head starting wallowing out.

All the extractors I have were too big so I wanted to pick up a smaller one. Then Jan and I spent some time just wandering the place. It’s that big.

I waited ‘til later in the evening after it had cooled off a little to get the stuck screw out. The bulb was bad, but the real problem is that the socket is not getting power. So I’ll have them take a look at it again.

Tomorrow looks like a Sam’s / Walmart run, and may be Chinese. We’ll see.


Thought for the Day:

In 1976, Ronald Wayne sold his 10% share of Apple for $800. Today that 10% share is worth $58,065,210,000. That’s 58 Billion with a ‘B’.

Makes your day seem a whole lot better now, doesn’t it.