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Make Up Your Mind . . .

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Well, as I figured it will be the first part of next week before the new windshield will be in and they will be ready to install it. But apparently my finding the windshield part number for them did speed things up.

Of course they’ve also still got the airbag to install at the same time, as well as a few other small things. Then when everything else is done, we’ll drive over and get the new tires put on.

The tire guy says that he could put them on here, but if I want to get them computer balanced, that has to be done at the shop. Of course, I could have them all put on here, then drive over to the shop and have them all taken back off, balanced, and then put back on. But that would cost $25 per tire for the extra labor. So No to spending an extra $150.

About 2pm, Jan and I headed out to have linner at the In N Out Burger here. Unlike our last In N Out visit in Las Vegas, neither of us added ‘secret menu’ things. The only variation on our Double-Double’s was that Jan got grilled onions on hers, and I added a sliced of raw onion to mine.

InNOutBurger - Prescott

In-N-Out is fast becoming one of our favorite burger places. Nothing fancy, just a really good burger.

Then it was right across the parking to a nearby Wal-Mart for a few things. It didn’t take us long to decide that this is now our favorite Wal-Mart here in Prescott. It’s very clean, with wide brightly-lit aisles. Jan said there was even artwork in the ladies room, as well as green plants. Very nice store.

* * * * *

On another note, can’t they just make up their minds.

First they tell us that being obese, or ‘extra fluffy’ ,as Jan calls it, is bad for your heart.

Obesity Bad For Your Heart

Then a few years later it all changes.

Obesity Now Good For Your Heart

And of course, previously, they told us saturated fats were bad for us. So everyone started using trans fats. Then they decided trans fats were bad, and we started using polyunsaturated fats. And now we’ve circled all the way back around to ‘saturated fats are good for you’.

Who can keep up?

And anyone remember how we ended up with airbags?

First we got seatbelts, but they decided people weren’t using them enough. So in 1974 they put switches in the seatbelts so that your vehicle wouldn’t start if your seatbelt wasn’t fastened. Of course this resulted in a lot of people sitting on fastened seatbelts, just out of spite.

Finally after a lot of complaints, the seatbelt switch law was repealed and we were back to the buzzer-light thing. For a while.

Then in 1998, since a lot of people still weren’t using their seatbelts, they started requiring front seat airbags in all vehicles to replace seatbelts. In fact, some early  airbag-equipped vehicles didn’t even have front seatbelts.

But in another one of those OOPS moments, they found that a lot of people were being injured, killed, or even decapitated by the airbags going off in a crash.

I mean, who knew that a small bomb going off in your face might be a problem?

So to save people from the dangerous airbags, they started requiring seatbelts again to protect people from the airbags.

And now 30 million vehicles in the US have been recalled due to defective airbag inflators, the explosive part that inflates the airbag. Apparently sometimes these go off on their own, with or without a crash. And when they do go off, they can send metal shrapnel spraying throughout the passenger compartment,, injuring or killing the occupants.

Don’t you feel safer now?


Thought for the Day:

Why are we in this handcart and where are we headed? I smell sulphur.