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Pancakes and Keyboards . . .

We didn’t do much today except hunker down and try to keep cool. It went up to 108 degrees, but we stayed comfortable with the Reflectix foil on the windshield.

The last couple of days we’ve had a lot of wind late in the afternoon that kept blowing our foil sheets off, so last evening I taped the separate sheets together into one big piece and tied it down better. So far it’s holding up just fine.

About 2pm we headed out to have ‘linner’ (actually breakfast) at Georgie’s Café, a well-recommended diner here in Cottonwood. We’ve tried to eat here a couple of times before, but keep finding them closed, since some days they close at 2pm, some days at 3pm, and Fridays they close at 8pm.

And as I said, we both ended up having breakfast, with Jan going the Omelet route while I had eggs, bacon, and pancakes.

Georgie's Cafe 1

Unlike a lot of places, these pancakes were really good, not tough, chewy, and bland like some restaurants. Instead they were so tasty you could have eaten them without butter and syrup. Of course I didn’t.

Really good, so hopefully we’ll have a chance to go back.

As we were leaving for Georgie’s, I stopped at the guardshack and picked up my new Backlit USB Keyboard with Large Print keys. Getting it home after ‘linner’ I plugged it in and started playing with it. At the upper right corner are two new controls. A knob that you can turn to change the brightness of the backlight, and a button to push to cycle through the five difference colors.

Before I got to play with it, I figured I would like the yellow backlight the best, but as it turns out I like the red the best.

Backlit Keyboard 3

I like the key feel, but the keyboard is a little higher and a little deeper so it will take a little getting use to. But just typing this blog has made a difference already.

About 7pm, after things had cooled off a bit, i.e. gotten below 100 degrees, I shut down the computer, satellite, and the AC’s and cranked up the genset. It started up with no problems, and after about 45 seconds the lights flickered indicating that the transfer switch had kicked in. But to double-check, I went outside and turned off the shore power breaker.

I was happy to see that the genset power kept rolling along with no problems. And after turning the shore power breaker back on and switching the genset off, the transfer switch put us back on shore power. Easy Peazy.

So hopefully when we leave here July 3rd we’ll have AC’s again on the road.


Thought for the Day:

So, are they going to rename Arlington National Cemetery now?