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Ready, Camp, Go . . .

Today was kind of strange weather-wise. It ramped up to its usual 105 degrees around 3pm, but by 5 a heavy cloud cover rolled in and the temp dropped to 85 degrees. Very nice.

According to the Rainy Days app, there was rain all around us, but nothing came our way. Hope it holds out for tomorrow.

I mentioned the other day that I had looked into the Elite upgrade to our TT membership. We were mainly looking at getting more parks, especially in the northeast where we plan to travel next year. And according to the salesperson here at the park, it would add 23 parks to our 63, for a total of 86.

In addition we would also get three weeks in park instead of the two we have now. And that’s about it for us. No additional free days, or anything like that. Just three weeks and 23 more parks.

Yeah, you get membership cards to give away, and discounts on cabins and stuff, but nothing that would really mean anything to us.

The only time we might have appreciate the three weeks is when we were orbiting back and forth between Lake Conroe and Colorado River this past winter. Normally two weeks is about all we want to spent in one spot before we move on.

But then today I came across the Ready Camp Go card. I had heard of it before,  but for some reason I thought it had something to do with the TT Zone Pass. Turns out it’s completely separate.

Anybody can purchase a RCG card. You don’t have to been a member of any other club to get one. And it’s certainly a heck of a lot cheaper than an Elite upgrade.

The RCG card comes in 4 levels –

1. Platinum – Gives you 90 days of camping at $20/night with 90 day advance reservations, and cost $299 per year. You have 14 days in park and 7 out.

2. Gold – Gives you 60 days of camping at $20/night with 60 day advance reservations, and costs $199 per year. You have 14 days in park and 7 out.

3. Silver – Gives you 30 days of camping at $20/night with 30 day advance reservations, and cost $99 per year. You have 7 days in park and 7 out.

4. Plus – Gives you 15 days of camping at $25/night with 30 day advance reservations, and cost $49 per year.

The only two levels I would be interested in would be the Platinum or Gold. Dividing the card price by the number of nights gives you a $3.33 per night prorated cost. Coupled with the $20 per night park charge, and the usual resort fees, you’re looking at around $27 per night.

When we did the East Coast all the way out to Newfoundland in 2009, we paid much more than that, in many cases, more than double that.

But the big plus with the RCG card is that it gives us access to over 100 additional RV parks, over the 63 TT parks we already have, no matter what level we get.

I have been told that since we’re already TT members, we could not use it at TT parks. But that’s fine since I have the TT membership already.

But whatever I do, either of these levels sounds much better than paying $4645 for an Elite upgrade. In fact for that amount we could buy 15 years worth of Platinum memberships. Or 5 years and a lot of nights of camping at $27 a night.

If you have any experience with the RCG card, let me know.


Thought for the Day:

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury.” — Sir Alex Fraser Tytler (1742-1813), Scottish jurist and historian, professor of Universal History at Edinburgh University

Unfortunately we seem to be proving him right.