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The Rest Of The Story . . .

as Paul Harvey would say.

After being told by the service manager yesterday that the insurance company was dragging their feet in approving the last couple of items on our repair, I found out that wasn’t  the case. As it turns out, everything had already been approved. But apparently it  just hadn’t filtered down to the people that needed to know here.

So it looks like we’re on track with the repairs, and just waiting for the airbag and windshield to come in. The only problem that might come up is if they want to start working on it Friday. We’ve already been told that they will have to pull our rig into the shop to replace the windshield and the airbag. I figure the service department doesn’t work on the weekends, and we’ve spent enough time in motel rooms lately without adding a couple of extra days. So hopefully they’ll wait to start on Monday.

They said it would take a couple of days to replace the windshield, and that’s about what it took to replace one last year in Elkhart. But then I remember when I had one replaced in 2009 after we got back from Alaska. The guy came out to our RV site, and with two helpers, had the old one out and the new one installed in about 20 minutes.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that after they had repaired the shredded wiring while we were gone to Illinois, that the grab bar didn’t light up. Although it was working before we left Las Vegas, I figured it was probably a bad bulb.

But when I tried to check it out, I found the top screw on the bracket was stuck and when I tried to remove it, it just wallowed out the slot. So I picked up a screw extractor at True Value and got it out.

And I found that the bulb was bad. But so was the socket. When I hooked up my voltmeter to the connector, I got no voltage reading as I toggled the switch. So today I took the panel off and found the problem.

Grab Bar Switch Problem

There was only wire going to the center switch. So it’s not going to work very well. I then used my ohmmeter function to determine that the remaining wire ran from the switch to the center contact on the bulb socket. So I’ll have to get the repair place to take a look at it.

For dinner tonight we had Tomato and Sweet Basil Bisque and Grilled Cheese. For the bisque, we tried a couple of cans of this Campbell’s Slow Kettle soups.

Campbell Slow Kettle Soup

When we were at Sam’s Club the other day we came across a 4 pack of these and for $3.91, decided to give them a try.

And they were really, really good. As good as anything I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Well worth the 98 cents each. We’ll pick up more when we go back to pick up our prescriptions tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

Scientists say the Universe is made up of  Protons, Electrons, and Neutrons. They forgot to mention Morons.