Daily Archives: June 17, 2015

Almost There . . .

We were up around 8:30 this morning so we could partake of the great breakfast here at the Quality Inn before we headed back to the rig.

About 10am the service manager called to see if we had the rig keys. I said “No, you still have the set we left with you when we drove back to Illinois last month. I do have a set that stays in my pocket, and Jan has a set that she keeps in her purse. But you have the set that stays in the ignition.”

I did find out that the reason they needed the keys is that the airbag had been installed and they wanted to crank up to test the system. He also said that pretty much everything had been finished up.

Well, maybe things are really looking up.

I told him we’d be down in a hour or so with my keys if he didn’t find the set he had. After getting the truck packed up, I went down to check out at the front desk. Turned out that for some reason the hotel had completely lost our stay. They had no record of us even being there. But finally after about 15 minutes he found our record on the corporate server, and got us checked out.

Getting back to the rig, I was happy to see it up on the airbags, so I guess that part was working. And after checking further, I found that the wheel well mud flap and trim strip had also been done.

But the grab bar light still didn’t work, although the switch panel had been re-installed in the enclosure. I put a new bulb in the socket that didn’t work, and then used my voltmeter to double-check, and still found no voltage.

Heading up to the office, I told them that the grab bar light still didn’t work, and was told that they had checked it and it did work.

Well, it didn’t work for me.

I also ask for both my sets of keys back, and once again it took them a while to find the ignition set. But the other set had the patio remote control that I needed to check out that repair. And getting back to the rig, I found that the patio lights didn’t work either.

It wasn’t like I didn’t kind of expect this. I said in the blog right after the blowout that I thought the shredded wiring harness would be a major problem to get repaired. And it looks like it was.

But after fooling around with the grab bar switch panel, I figured out why they had voltage and I didn’t. The connector on the new wiring on the switch panel was loose. and tightening it down fixed that problem.

So all I have left was the patio light, and I’ll look at that tomorrow, But either way, we’re still on schedule to leave here Friday morning.


The tire guy will be tomorrow about 10am to change out the front tire, and then as I said yesterday, we’ll have the rest done at the tire shop Friday morning on our way to Cottonwood.

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About 4pm we headed out for one last visit to Beijing Garden, and always before, we got the same thing – Spicy Orange Crispy Chicken. I know it sounds like we’re in a rut here, but you’re always afraid you’ll try another dish that you don’t like near as much, and then you’ve just wasted a visit.

So it looks like we’re almost there, and we’ll finally be on our way again on Friday.


Thought for the Day:

Only a fool stumbles on things behind him.