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That was Easy . . .

I was up about 8:30, much earlier than normal, for two good reasons. We were meeting friends for breakfast at 10am, and I wanted to take a shot at finding the elusive windshield part number that seems to be stumping the repair facility here.

And it took me all of 5 minutes. To get two numbers.

Figuring I’d start at the beginning, I first called American Coach Parts to get the original Fleetwood number. Then I called RV Glass Solutions, the company that supplied the same windshield when it was replaced last year. And again, I had their part number in just a couple of minutes.

Now there. Was that so hard?

I wrote the numbers down and gave them to the service manager, and then Jan and I were off to meet Jim and Zee Hamm at Cowgirl in the Kitchen for breakfast.

Jim and Zee Hamm

One of the great local places we’ve discovered here in Prescott, it’s a favorite of Jim and Zee’s too. As with our last meal together, we spent the majority of our time together talking about books we liked, and our respective reading lists. But of course, along the way, there was a little RV stuff sprinkled in. And as it turns out, Jim and Zee are leaving for France in a week or so, to do a river cruise of France. WOW!

Finally saying our goodbyes, Jan and I drove on down Willow Creek to make a True Value hardware store run to pick up some new screws to replace the old ones that mount our outside lighted grab bar. As I mentioned before I had to drill out one of them to get access to the bulb and socket. So I figured it would be a good idea to just replace them all. Of course, I’m still waiting for the repair shop to finish fixing the grab bar wiring, anyway.

I recently came across a website that I’m sure many people will find useful. It’s called Merlin Bird Photo ID, and does a very good job of identifying 400 North American birds from a photo that you took. And the more people use it, the more accurate it will get. Check it out.

On a completely different note, many of you many remember the 1987 science fiction movie, Predator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Inspiring 4 sequels, two of which pulled in Aliens from for the Alien movie franchise, the movies tell the story of predator aliens who use Earth as their private hunting preserve, to stalk and kill their favorite prey, humans. But not just any humans, but the greatest warriors on the planet. Hence, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Silence the doubters! Put your big idea online! $.99 .Com Domains from GoDaddy!

After raising ₤5000 with a Kickstarter campaign, a fan group made this 27 minute movie called Predator: Dark Ages, where a Knights Templar group is called to track down and kill a sword-wielding invisible ‘demon’.

Amazingly, a couple of minutes into this, you will forget this is not a commercial movie. The ‘invisibility’ special effects are as good as the original, and the story holds up as well.

Very well done. If you like science fiction, check it out.


Thought for the Day:

“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” – Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin’s secret police